Letter 6-19-13 & 6-20-13

6-19-13 & 6-20-13

Hey Mom, today was crazy!! Bishop Stevens was right, the MTC is a well oiled machine. I got to the curb and someone basically pulled me out of the car and grabbed my bags and rushed me off. I’m actually on day 2 now, I didn’t even have time to finish that second sentence before going to bed. Anyways, the first thing that happened after getting here was going to my class where the teacher didn’t speak a word of English for the first hour. Then I got to meet my companion and district and I gotta tell you, I have been blessed with the coolest companion, best district, and awesome zone leaders. Everybody is so nice here it’s almost weird. My teacher is great and I got to meet one of the other teachers, his name is Hermano Rios, he is way cool. Wow I didn’t even tell you about my companion, his name is Elder Danielsen-Jensen, he is from Brisbane. He and I are a lot alike. Well, my P-day is Wednesday so I’ll email you then, I don’t want to wait any longer to send you this. Love all you guys.

-Elder Kelley-


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