Letter 6-21-13


Dear family, This week has been exremely difficult and it’s only Friday night. Fortunately, I’ve got an hour to write you guys tonight. Unlike the 10 minutes like the first two days. the days have started to string together now, I couldn’t even tell you what happened today, everything here is just ovewhelming. In the MTC you get 2 sides, extremely spiritual and helpful, and very sad and rigorous. In other words, you get really spiritual highs and then the lows are all the thoughts of home and family because I miss you all. Now for more things I need, I would love to have a small flashlight, so I can write to you guys at night, one with a red light preferably, but don’t go spending money on me.  I can see the homesickness in, all the Elders that arrived with me Wednesday, in their eyes.

My district is just awesome, there are 6 elders and 4 sisters, and out of us, only 3 aren’t going to the Argentina Beunos Aires West mission. One is going to Sydney, Australia and the other 2 are going to Columbia. We got to go outside the MTC and play volleyball, and let me tell you, that lifted my spirits like nothing else. I wish I had my camera because I had a view of the spire with the Angel Moroni and in the background the mountains with snow on the top, maybe I can get it next week. I have never been so excited for Sunday in my whole life, not only do I get to go to the broadcast at the Marriot Center!!! I just get a break from what is normally going on at the MTC.

I love you guys, I still don’t exactly feel like a missionary, mostly because I don’t know the Spanish well at all. I’m trying very hard, and I’m barely retaining anything. I’ve got greetings down, and now I’m working on praying and testifying. Oh I have to tell you, my Aussie companion Elder Danielsen-Jensen, says no one uses the crickey haha, we just got the biggest kick out of that. We have got one of the funniest Elders here at the MTC in my district, he does this thing that will never get old. To explain you need to watch Star Wars Episode 1, fast forward to the pod racing part and wait for the guy that shoots Anikin’s pod and their scream thing is what this Elder does, it is hilarious. So now they basically have conversations like that. It makes everyone much happier. I love you all.

-Elder Kelley-


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