Letter 6-22-13 & 6-23-13

6-22-13 & 6-23-13

So I’ve decided my letters are basically becoming my journal, I tell you guys everything that is worth writing down. The past two days have been difficult. I have a love hate relationship with this MTC, at times I have never felt the Spirit stronger, and other times I just can’t wait to sleep. In here days feel more like weeks, and my zone leaders keep telling me weeks feel like days. My zone leaders are way cool, nicest guys I’ve met here. Ask Clint if he knows any families last name Christansen. Elder Christansen is one of my zone leaders, he is from Tennessee, I don’t know which part but whatever. For now, goodnight, tomorrow is the broadcast, I CAN’T WAIT!!! Soooo many rumors, one of the biggest one is China, my personal guess is an overhauled Preach My Gospel. I have also heard about technology being introduced into missionary work. Well lights out, I’ll write you about my thoughts tomorrow.

We thought something awesome was going to be announced, not to say it wasn’t great, we just wanted more. Anyways it’s getting really sad around here, two more of my favorite Elders are getting reassigned to a mission in the sates since their Visas haven’t come through. Elders Mann and Lee, they gave great advice to me. They also would encourage all the Elders in my district.

I will send some pictures of my seat from the Marriot Center. I’ve got to say, the Spirit was soo strong when “I Hope They Call Me On A Mission” primary song came on. Please send me a couple of T-shirts so I don’t smell so bad haha. We have gym like every other day, and then personal exercise on the days I don’t.

Geena I’m missing the times we would just hang out and watch a movie or play Lego Harry Potter. We will play it in a few years once I get back.

Much love, Elder Kelley


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