Letter 6-24-13 to 6-28-13

6-24-13 to 6-28-13

Dear family, Today has been crazy. All the cliché comments about just making it to Sunday were true. I feel like I’ve been rejuvinated, just by getting out of he MTC for a while. So since Friday, we have been teaching an “investigator” in Spanish. And when I say “investigator” I mean an MTC teacher only speaking Spanish and acting extremely well. The bad thing is, neither me nor Elder DJ had any Spanish before we came to the MTC. Every other companionship in my zone has at least one person who knows quite a bit of Spanish. So it is very difficult between the both of us. So hopefully the language comes quick because we will be teaching a fake investigator daily till we leave. Oh speaking of which, is there any word on my clearance yet? As of this moment, no one in my district has their Visa yet.

So today was my favorite day thus far. It was also the most spiritual day. Our investigator has been giving us a hard time, so the zone Spanish teacher came in and told us to plan a little better and the lesson today was great. It made me a whole lot happier. Then dinner was pretty good, I was a little sad that their corn on the cob was pretty bad. But none the less, dinner was good. Then we had our Thursday devotional which was spiritually overpowering and hilarious. The lady that wrote a ton of primary songs spoke, her name is Janice Kapp Perry. She wrote Sisters in Zion and Bring the World His Truth. She just rewrote Sisters in Zion and The Army of Helaman. I have had no other experience like it. She started the song and without asking, we all stood up and started singing along. I have never before in my life felt such a powerful feeling. It was unreal, I honestly couldn’t describe it. I wish you guys could have seen it. Her husband Douglass Kapp spoke, he talked about his mission. He served in Belgium, France, and Switzerland. I think it was Dad’s mission, but he was there in 1955.

So I’ve decided to wait a little while before I send another letter, but you’ll be able to read about every day since I write you guys every night. Please keep these letters because I want go put them in a scrapbook so I can read them again. I love the MTC, it is such a cool experience. I wonder how the MTC in Brasil is? Tell Clint to write me about it. And PLEASE send some more physical letters. When I go go the mail room with the DL to get mail, it makes me a little sad not to hear from anyone. The Hermanas in my district get about 5-6 letters a day, it’s crazy.

So today is P-day, which is very nice, we had to get up at 5:50 to do our P-day service assignment. Which was vacuuming and cleaning trash recepticles. It wasn’t bad, we only took about an hour. For some reason, I didn’t sleep well last night. Oh well. It’s crazy to say that I’m laying in bed writing you guys at 7:35 in the morning, which only happens on P-day. I’ve made it a week now. You guys won’t belive me but I actually do go to bed around 11 and wake up at 6 to 6:30 without a problem. There are 6 Elders in my room, basically my whole district! Some Elders get lucky and are in a room with 2 elders or 4, but we are the only ones with 6. As of last week the number of missionaries in the MTC is 4900, and I know some left these past 2 days but Wednesday(today) is the day we receive a whole lot more missionaries. The day I came in, there were 900 new missionaries at the MTC. I just hope Tony McCourt is somewhere close, seeing a familiar face would sure be nice. I swear, people from my district see a different friend every 5 minutes when we are waiting around. They all live in Utah, other than 2 elders. My companion is from Brisbane, and Elder Brown is from Gilbert, Arizona. There is also an Elder in my zone that lived in Chandler. It’s kind of nice to talk about home. This feels weird to say that. I’m gonna take a nap. Then we get to have breakfast at the temple, and do a session. Sadly, the temple closes for maintenence tomorrow so this is the only time I’ll get to go while at the MTC.

I’m amazed at the amount of Spanish I know in just a week. On Friday I was able to give the first lesson from Preach My Gospel in Spanish, testify of it’s truthfulness and say the closing prayer. I wonder how much more I’ll know by next Wednesday. I just found out great news, I can send and receive emails from anyone and everyone, so post my email to Facebook. The DL, or Distict Leader, or elder DJ, and I just picked up the mail. Kacy sent me a Dear Elder. You guys should do it, it’s faster than sending something. I don’t know how it works but whatever, Está Bien! So before I forget to write this again, there is an Elder in my zone that is the spitting image of Luis from Suits. He talks exactly like him too. He is very arrogant, he always brags so much about being in the choir. His companion has counted the number of times he has mentioned it and it’s up to 129 as of today!  So funny.

So today I got to take a nap and it was incredible!! I slept for an extra hour and a half. P-days are cool. So I just got to read the letters from all you guys, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Like I’m happy to hear from you guys but at the same time it makes me a little sad and homesick. Well, está bien. So to answer some of the questions people have been asking me, I wake up at either 6 or 6:30 depending on the day. I get dressed and head to class to read for an hour. Then we head to breakfast. I normally just eat cereal. Then I go to my Spanish class or I teach an investigator for 3 hours, depending on the teacher’s schedules. Then personal study again, then lunch. Then another 3 hours of language class, then dinner, then 2 hours of laguauge study, then planning, then I go back to the room and I write you guys. And then sleep and do it all again. Now to answer Geena’s questions, they take great care of me so no worries. Spanish is a different story. It has so many stupid rules. The conjugations make no sense at all and the same 3 letters put together mean mulitple things. Such as que, pronounced k. Que means either how, or to. Same with como, it means how, what, like, and probably other things as well. One of the sayings in Spanish here in the MTC is está bien. It means it’s all good, or it’s good. And Es la verdad which means it’s the truth. A word like para, pronounced pada, which means in order to, I’ve always liked to use that here too. Since the new Elders and Hermanas got here Wednesday, I’ve been saying “Bienvenidos al CCM!” I guess that is the way they say MTC in Spanish, kinda weird. Anyways I got to get to bed. I’ve stayed up way too late for the past few days. It’s already 11! Ok love you all, goodnight. Oh wait, one more thing Spanish thing, this one is for Geena to say to her cool friends, “Como un heffe!” haha it means “like a boss!” lol, k, night! Today was soooo long. We had 6 hours of lecture on Spanish, and Gospel Study. But what I really want to wrtie about tonight is the fun I had. We got to play beach volleyball again, and my district won the first round then lost the next 2. Then we had a talent show. Which was just amazing. The best part without a doubt was one of our zone leaders signed his companion up without asking him. His name is Elder Renshaw, and he went up and people started shouting names of songs. Finally he decided on “I Wont Give Up” by Jason something or other. I don’t know his last name but whatever. I am dead serious, I have never in my life heard a man sing better than him. I am still in shock, he is the quietest Elder, very spiritual as well, and one of the nicest people I’ve met in my life. I wish I had my camera, I would have shown you. He could go to American Idol and they would just say he wins, hands down. I had goose bumps, or whatever they are called. I’m so jealous, Elder Renshaw sings his district to sleep every night. Mom you would be so proud of me, I was diving all over the beach court, it was awesome! But for some reason I can’t return a serve. I need practice.

It’s really late again but I’m not tired at all, so I’m gonna keep writing you guys till I’m tired. So I’ve kinda gotten to be the nice, quiet kid in my district. Who woulda thunk it? The Hermanas call me the Gentleman of the bunch, I always hold the door open for them and help whenever I can. HAHA I HAVE TERRIBLE HAND WRITING, sorry. But anyways, I had good examples at home to say the least. Oh!!! I almost forgot, thank you for the donuts. They were good, I didn’t get them till the next day after they got here cause the mail room was closed. Ce la vie,or however you spell it. Today my investigator became my teacher, his name is Hermano Hardy, he served in the New York, New York mission. The teachers here really do care about us. H.Hardy said he prays for every one of us by name, that we will be able to speak and teach with the spirit. There is a saying here at the MTC which says, “Between the Lord and Me, we know everything.” I don’t know what it’s from but it’s true. I have been loving it here. How is it for you guys now that I’m gone? Is it weird, or sad? Does my puppy miss me yet? I miss my little heater, I didn’t really say goodbye to her. The good thing is I’ve got a few pictures of her. This is the first time I’ve even thought of her since I got here. Anyway, today I got to use the computer to watch lots of Mormom Messages, they are so humbling. Mountains to Climb is my absolute favorite, the Dare to Stand Alone. If you guys haven’t seen them, watch them. It definitely cheered me up today, I was pretty depressed today, but I’m good now. Oh I bought 3 new shirts here, one that has the Argentine flag, one that has a CTR symbol, then a Mama’s boy/strippling warrior one. Could you please send a roll of duct tape up? That would be awesome, I looked at the bookstore for them but no luck. Oh and 2 more tide to go pens? They have saved the life of my ties numerous times. I miss you guys alot. I love you all! Send a copy of this to Clint, Litsy, Boston, Kacy, and Jonathan. I love you guys.

-Elder Kelley-

Oh and Geena, I’ve got 5 other roommates in the size of the kitchen, how crazy is that?


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