Letter to Geena 6-29-13


Hey Geena Bob. I thought I’d write you a letter back just for you. So how is it being the only child? You have got to tell me how that Marvel Phineas and Ferb goes. Oh and keep me up to date on Royal Pains, Psych(when it comes back on), and Burn Notice. It’s 10:30 now so I may finish this tomorrow, but let’s see how long I can write you. Anyways, let me tell you a little about what goes on here. Like today, I woke up at 6:30, got dressed and went to class to have personal study. And today, I studied the first lesson in Preach My Gospel because I have two new investigators starting Monday, but the investigators are just teachers here at the MTC. Oh and to answer some of your questions from your letter, I hate learning Spanish, it makes no sense, French was so much easier to learn. But I’m starting to like it alot more. It is a cool language. Anyways, after personal study we have breakfast which I only eat cereal. Then Elder DJ and I get the mail, then we go back up to class. Then our teacher, Hermano Lunt, taught us how to effectively teach the first lesson. Then we had coaching missionary study, which lasted another hour. Then we had language study, then lunch which was surprisingly good. Then we check the mail and go up to class again to learn more language for 3 more hours. Then we have computor aided language study. Then I watched alot of Mormon Messages, which always humbles me. Then dinner, then exercise, then sleep. Today was really long, I really haven’t been able to sleep well lately. I can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s going to be a nice break.

Love you G Bob,

-Elder Kelley-


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