Letter from ryan 6/30/2013-7/7/2013

Letter from Ryan    6/30/2013-7/7/2013

Sundays here at the MTC are incredible!  We had Priesthood meeting in the morning, then after lunch we had Sacrament, then the devotional.  It was awesome, it seems like all day was focused on 1 concept, missionary work, and why we are serving the Lord full time.  Let me go back a little in time, to this afternoon.  It was right after Sacrament, and we had a district meeting.  The branch President was there and he told us something that was just amazing.  He said, ‘we are in an age that people will either love religion or hate it’.  Or in other words, a very difficult time to be a follower of Christ.  He then said, ’ just by being here in the MTC proves that you were the strongest the Lord had to send and we all agreed that we were going to answer the lord’s call for us at this most crucial moment in time, in this hastening of missionary work’.  I obviously didn’t get it word for word but I think you get the picture.  I had never felt the Spirit so strong.  Then we got to hear a devotional on the same topic.  Then we got to hear a talk Elder Holland gave here at the MTC in November of 2012 on the same topic.  It was such a spiritual day.  Then to end it off, a district from our zone is leaving in the morning.  So, the whole zone got together and sang “God Be with you Till We Meet Again” in Spanish to the Elders and Hermanas that were leaving, which was really sad.  I’m just glad I’ve got like 2 weeks until the people I really got to know will leave.  I am so blessed to be here.  Not just the MTC but this district and this zone.  I have never before in my life met so many nice people that I bonded with so quickly.

This is going to sound weird but it is going to be so incredibly hard to leave this district.  With you guys, I knew I would see you again in 2 years, which is hard, but I’m getting through it.  Writing home at night to you guys helps me from going insane.  Class is so simple, yet so extremely hard at the same time.  Think of high school and sitting in all your classes. Now imagine that the first 3 hours were all one class. Then make that class only speak Spanish.  Then you get an hour break, then another 3 hour block.  All in Spanish!  It’s difficult.  But anyway it feels like I just got to know these people and I’m going to have to leave them in just 4 short, extremely long weeks.  I’ve told you guys that time in the MTC seems to stretch to our advantage and disadvantage at the same time right?  Yeah, I think I have.  And yet again, it’s 11:00 pm already.  I seriously don’t know what is wrong with me.  I get up at 6:30 am, get dressed, go to class and I’m so tired throughout the day.  Then when I get back to the room to sleep, I feel totally awake and not sleepy.  I may need to take a Benadryl tomorrow around 9:00 so I can sleep.  Whatever!  Esta Bien!

What other questions do you guys want answered about the MTC or anything else that’s going on in my life?  You have to keep me up to date with everything happening with the family.  We got to go for a walk around the temple today.  Too bad it’s closed for remodeling or something like that.  I’m glad I was able to go at least once.  Today was great.  I got my package today!  I can finally wear a different suit.  Also, thank you for the other stuff in the box.  It was awesome too!  My district loves the nerf basketball hoop!

Today was pretty good.  Elder DJ and I taught our second investigator.  It was Hermano Lunt, he was acting one of his friends he knows.  He is very convincing.  Then we had language study that was really helpful, which is good.  I am trying my hardest to study the language but it is just hard trying to learn all.

It is so awesome to have this bunch of Elders, we all love Psych, Nacho Libre, The Ringer, and the Simpsons.  So we are constantly quoting them all.  Mostly Nacho Libre though.  I’m a little bitter that I didn’t watch the Ringer before I left.  Haha  Well, good night for now, Love you all!

Today was awesome, I love P-days.  The only bad part was in the morning.  I was really sick.  Elder DJ and I went late to our service assignment because of me feeling sick but the janitor lady was really nice and let us put flags on the flag poles.  I felt sick most of the morning but  I was alright the rest of the day after I took a nap.   I was happy when I read your emails.  Unfortunately I don’t read fast enough so it took about 20 minutes to read through them all.  Haha, there are a couple people in my district that saw a horror movie called Mama.  And the rest of the district says some words that were in it and it scares one of the Elders.  It’s kind of funny. Anything that could be funny is multiplied by like 50 in here since we can’t watch movies and stuff.

Today was the 4th of July!  It was an awesome day.  We taught another investigator.  Then we got 2 good Spanish classes.  Then we had an awesome devotional.  A member of the seventy spoke about his son in law that is a major in the Air force.  He escorted his best friend’s body and 6 other Marines home from war. It was really touching.  It gets me thinking about joining the Air force once I get home.  That or the USMC, but I’ve got 2 years to think about it.  When we sang “America the Beautiful”, I got like major goose bumps, it was awesome!  All the Elders and sisters stayed out till 11:00 watching the fireworks.

I just found out that one the Elders in my district actually likes Obama!  Ewww, I actually got a little sick writing that.  Haha  Oh well, Ce la vie.  Lol, it’s 11:45pm and tomorrow is going to be difficult.  I guess we are going to take a little extra time during wake up.  We are also going to go late to personal study.

Today wasn’t bad, I woke up 15 minutes later than normal which was nice, then we went to class and I just read 2 Nephi, or as they say in Spanish, Nefi.  Then we had breakfast which was alright, then I saw Cami Reeder on my way back to class, which was cool.  I also saw her boyfriend Sam on Wednesday.  I was so happy to see that he was still strong in the Church even though his family didn’t support his decision to serve, or to become a member even.  Oh and last night I found Elder Mc Court.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll see him again.  But, Esta Bien.  I feel like now I don’t have anyone to find, almost sad.  I swear, every single person in my district see people they know all the time.  Even Elder DJ, and he isn’t even from this country!  Haha.  Oh  well.

Today was really informational and spiritual.  I was in personal study and grabbed my Preach My Gospel book and a note fell out.  It was from Hermano Hardy, one of my teachers.  It said something like he was thankful for my diligence, patience and the fact that I’m quiet and that he and Heavenly Father love me for it.  It’s really nice to know that my teachers actually care for me, and actually want to teach us so we can learn all that they know.  Hermano Hardy just got back from his mission in New York in August.

During the day it rained here, I actually think it still is raining.  The only downside to it was that we couldn’t go play beach volleyball, but we played inside today so it’s all good.  Forgive me for scratching so many words out, I’m already forgetting things in English!  The cool thing is I’ll almost be tri-lingual when I come back.  Maybe I’ll go to MCC and take French with Madame Koleva.  I always did like her.  She was probably one of the coolest teachers I had at Mt. View.  Then, when you guys deicide to finally go to Europe, I can speak most the languages.  Just trying to get your minds thinking about it.  But don’t go while I’m gone ok??!!  Things around here are going well, the language is coming easier and the days are flying by, I love it !!

Ok, so Elder Packer, of the 12 Apostles, has a great grandson in the MTC, and he is in my zone!  And he can beatbox like crazy!  It is so cool.  Elder Renshaw, the one who sings extremely well, sang “Home”, by Phillip Phillips and then Elder Packer beat boxed.  I got it on camera!  I was so excited, I swear I’ve already watched it a couple of times.  Maybe more, that is one thing that I will never delete off my camera.  I hope he sings again, I just need to start taking my camera everywhere with me.

Wow, so today Elder Renshaw played an improvised hymn and sang and I totally forgot my camera in my back pack!  So upset.  Well, Esta Bien.  Tomorrow is Sunday so it’s pretty nice around here.  Just getting a break from class all day is nice.  We have a mission conference tomorrow because it’s fast Sunday.  We are about to play a round of horse before we go to bed.  Goodnight, love you all.

I found the note Hermano Hardy left me.  It says, “Elder Kelley, Thank you for being a reverent but solid example.  Your humble quietness cannot hide the strength of your testimony.  Heavenly Father, your Savior and I love you.”  That really helped me out.  I was a little sad that day, so that came at a needed time.  Oh, I just remembered something that I had to tell you guys.  During our devotional today (Sunday), there was an Elder that was asked to go up to the pulpit to talk about his success in his mission using new technology.  When he walked up, I recognized him… I met him maybe a week ago.  I was walking back form the Marriott Center and noticed the strangest companionship ever.  One was in a wheelchair and the other was using walking braces.  We were all going up a steep hill and I felt bad because it was pretty steep and they were going so slow.  I went up and asked the Elder in the wheel chair if I could help him up the hill and he said he didn’t need help, but I started talking to him about his mission.  He said he was 22 months into his mission and that he was serving his 2 years at the MTC!  All I could think of was how does that work?  Serving at the MTC?  Well, today I found out.  He and his companion use Mormon.Org, Facebook and Skype to teach lessons to people over the internet.  Anyway, the Elder that was using the braces was the one that was asked to talk about his mission.  He said he helped 100 people get baptized just this last year.  The best part is his last investigator flew all the way from Peru to Provo just so that this Elder could baptize him in person!  My heart was just overjoyed hearing that.  Those Elders are the strongest people I’ve met in my entire life.   I think I’m going to leave it at that.  I haven’t sent a letter home for a while so I’ll finish and send this one.  Oh and Geena, just because you may write my companion doesn’t let you off the hook for writing me another hand written letter.  I guess a better way to word it is, write me too!  Or don’t forget about me.  That goes for all y’all.

Love you all,

Elder Kelley


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