Email from Ryan July 24, 2013

This week has been really crazy.  I’m not sure if i mentioned this last time but I got sick about Monday of last week.  So up until Sunday I was feeling really crappy.  It was hard to focus when i could hardly breath.  I had some kind of sore throat, it was pretty bad.  But I’m all good now, other than a nasty cough.  My Spanish has been coming along quite well, I’m really starting to see the beauty in it.  This language has so much more meaning in one word than English does, it just has some really irregular verbs that I’m not a big fan of.  We taught TRC over skype yesterday which was really interesting.  I couldn’t hear the guy whatsoever but I ended up sharing a headset with another elder in my group.  But it was a fun but weird experience.  I guess there are full time elders here at the MTC that do that for their entire mission.  I don’t know if I could do that.  It is much more personal to be face to face with someone.
Anyway, i should find out where I’m going either tomorrow or Friday.  So far there are only 2 people in my entire zone that have their visas.  One is going to Argentina and the other is going to Sydney.  The thing I loved most about this zone was that it is an entire Spanish zone.  We give Sunday talks in Spanish, even the sacrament.  But since they want to send all the incoming Spanish speakers down to mexico, our zone is being phased out.  Soon it will become a nasty English speaking zone.  Its kind of funny, here at the MTC, the English speakers get the best buildings, the nicest computers and better desks and chairs.  And they are here for only 13 days.  Its kind of annoying, but during our language study on the computer we go into the brand new English building.  That’s basically all that’s going down. TRC, investigators, and mediocre food.  But, I really do love it here.  The elders in my district keep saying I need to move to Utah, and I keep saying no way is that ever going to happen.  I’m just not a big city kind of person.  Anyways, I love you all.
Elder Kelley.
Thank you so much for sending that package up real quick like. haha, I heard Geena started band camp this week.  How does it feel to have the house to yourself all the time now?
I also heard about the Redwings and Ella, that is sooooo cool.  I’m super jealous.
Also forgive my spelling errors, I’m forgetting English words already.
I did get to read all your dear elders. Thanks for sending those, its nice to be able to read something you guys have written me.
That story about the soccer thing is what i was talking about.   Anyways, I’ve heard some of the Portuguese missionaries going around bearing testimony to the Spanish speakers a lot.  It sounds like really laid back Spanish.  It’s kind of funny none of my teachers like anything other that pure Spanish.   They hate castellano, Portuguese, and gringo Spanish. I know I’m learning tons of Spanish here but i feel like I’m going to be in for one heck of a wake up call once I get down to BA at some point.   Tons of people are joking with me that im going to get reassigned to Mesa or Phoenix, i just keep saying there is no way that is going to happen lol.   I want to go somewhere in the East but I’m guessing I’ll be going somewhere south west. I’ve got a Spanish saying for you that you would like, hopefully you will understand it, and if you don’t, throw it into google translate.   Como un jefe!  I totally get what you were saying about accents on top of letters making much more sense than French.  In Spanish they are right on the part of the word that is accentuated or however you spell it.  Anyways, I love you and your family. haha, i saw the pictures of Boston Sitting up.  I cant believe how big he is getting, let me know as soon as he speaks.  I know it won’t be for a while, pero encerio.
Grammy and Grandpa:
Thank you so much for the packages you have sent me.  My district and i shared the cookies you sent, they were so good.


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