Ryan’s reassignment while waiting for his Argentina visa—Spokane, Washington July 26, 2013

I got my reassignment guess where I’m going?

My call came today! Im going to Spokane Washington.  I leave the MTC at 2:30 in the morning.  And my plane departs from Salt Lake City at 6:45.  So i will try and call home then but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to talk.  I fly to Oakland, where i have a layover for an hour.  Then I fly to Spokane.

I’m actually in computer aided language study right now, but they let missionaries email home before they leave.  Im going to mail a box home tomorrow and then i will probably pack during Gym.

I have no idea (If I’ll be speaking Spanish), literally all the paper says is that since my visa hasn’t come in yet I’m being reassigned to Spokane.

Just until your visa comes though, right?  One of President Shumways grandsons got his visa and arrived in                 Argentina this week but the other twin didn’t get his yet, how weird is that because they probably did all the                 paperwork at the same time

Yeah that is really weird. I can’t even tell you how many Shumway’s I’ve met up here.  Too many to count.

                Did you get the package I just sent with the trail mix in it and the little pack?

Yeah I did, but there is no way I am going to wear a fanny pack.  I’d rather just carry everything in my arms.  haha, but I’d rather have the orange and brown one rather than the blue one.  It’s got more pockets and a carry handle.  And yes, I got my sticks and the trail mix.  Thank you so much.  Oh and I got the socks today too.  I got all three packages that you sent.

I sent this picture to him to show what they wanted him to use in the mission, Ryan’s reply was:


That ain’t happening!

The other elder that is going to BAW is going to Spokane too.  Then we have 2 other elders from a neighboring zone so we have 4 all together and I like them all.  It’s going to be a fun flight. One of the elders in my zone had his mom send up a prepaid phone, which is actually a good idea if he is in the states.  He has like a 4 hour layover.  But yeah, I’m going to buy a couple calling cards from the bookstore tomorrow. Then I have to do laundry and just start packing.

Hey could you look up the Spokane mission? Let me know where it is and what languages they speak cause I’m a little worried that I won’t be using Spanish.  As far as I know there is like only 1 mission in Spokane.  Ok, so I looked on the church site about missions and there is only one Spanish branch out in Spokane.  I’m a little worried, haha, not worried about not speaking Spanish but I honestly haven’t ever given a lesson in English before.

Alright, I gotta go. I’ll call you from the airport. Should I call the house or your cell phone?  Love you


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