email from Ryan 8-5-2013

Spokane is awesome.  I’m loving all the green everywhere.  Elder Ebmeyer is really cool, we work together well.  We cover the Medical Lake area.  Which is huge, we have a car in our area so it’s alright.   It’s a Chevy Maliboat. hahah just kidding, it’s a malibu, but they are so stupid long that it turns like a boat and not a car. haha.  Our area is so funny though, we are out in the Boondocks.  It cracks me up, but I’m loving every second.  Our first lesson was just a few hours after we got to our area.  We taught a Part member family that lives on the Air Force Base that we cover.  They seemed really cool, the nonmember is from Japan, so she didn’t ever grow up knowing of God at all.  She is having a little bit of a hard time, on top on the language barrier.  We have about 8 appointments set up for this next week.  It’s going to be awesome.

This place is so cool we have to take a vacation to Clear Lake once I get back from my mission.  I think I could live there, right on the water.

I love working with President Mullens and his wife, they are so nice and actually concerned about their missionaries. On the first day he knew all of our names. I was so surprised. We all covered our tags and he got every single one right by the end of the night. But he knew my name right after I introduced myself to him and his wife at the airport. Unfortunately since I’m out in the middle of nowhere I’ll only get to see them once a month. But you would love them they are so nice.

Could you also send me Kathy’s email, she sent me a letter in the MTC and I just realized I hadn’t responded back.  If you could do that it would be awesome.  Also for this week just let her know that I was very thankful for it.  I just read all your handwritten letters last night too.

We live in an apartment.  I’ll send pictures Monday.  But the location is just gorgeous.  Some people and houses aren’t but the scenery sure is.  I actually had to bust out my rain jacket yesterday, it was pouring  all day long.  And it was 50 degrees all day long.  Unfortunately it is going back up to 90 this week.    I don’t need to buy a bike, I got a really old one from an elder that just bought a new one, but the pedals are broken, so I’m going to ask a member tomorrow if they have some tools to fix it.  But other than that it’s been awesome up here.  Our first lesson was Tuesday night!  On Fairchild Air force base.  It was so awesome.  We have lessons scheduled till this upcoming Saturday.  We are really busy, we don’t even have time to tract anywhere.  K

In answer to how Ryan’s pday was:

My day was really fun. I got to study, email all y’all, shop at Safeway, eat lunch. And then we went to the church to play some basketball but I’m terrible at it so I just decided to try and kick a soccer ball into one of the basketball hoops. I did it too, it just took a while.  haha  Then we did some laundry and watched some “I’m a Mormon videos”. How was your day?


I have to get going, I love mom, thank you for helping me decide to go on my mission. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done so far.  I’m having way too much fun.  Hahaha


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