Text message from Renee at the food bank where Ryan and Elder Ebmeyer volunteer 8-9-2013

From Renee:
“Karen, my name is Renee and I have been fortunate enough to work with your son Ryan at the food bank.  He told me he can only contact you on Christmas and Mother’s Day, so I said I have to let your mom know how you are!  As a mom, I would go crazy if I couldn’t check on my kids.  Please let me know if you need anything~  I work with the boys every Thursday and Friday.  Moms have to stick together.”
To Renee I said:
“Thank you so much Renee for your kind message.  I am so grateful for people who keep an eye on our son while he is on his mission serving others.  We do hear from him via email once a week but phone calls are limited to Mother’s day and Christmas.  Ryan is a great kid with a very kind heart.  I’m sure he is loving being able to help at the food bank with you.  I’ll let you know if we need anything but just knowing other people will be keeping an eye on him is very reassuring.  Thanks again, Karen”
From Renee:
“He is absolutely a wonderful kid!!  He did tell me they can email, but I asked if I could send weekly photos, and he said you would love that.  My kids are 27 and 23, and if I was in your shoes, I would as well.  So I plan on sending weekly photos to you, and will make sure and let him know it made your heart happy.  Great job on raising an incredible man!  And don’t worry, there are 10 of us who volunteer there with your son, and we are all moms.  Have a wonderful weekend!”IMG_2354_resized

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