Letter from Ryan 8-8-2013


Hey Mom,
Thanks for the letter!  I’m not sure if I told you Monday or not but President Mullen interviewed me just minutes after getting off the plane.  He seems like an awesome person.  I’m so glad my reassignment was to here.  Just to give you a little background information about Medical Lake, It is a tiny little community.  There is only one ward, and we cover the entire area.  If I were to guess, it would probably take almost 45 minutes just to get to one side of our area from our apartment.  I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to go to our old building one last time before I left.  Oh and I don’t think I mentioned that there are 9 Visa waiters in this mission.  5 are going to Brasil and the other 4 of us are going to Argentina.

We taught an awesome lesson last night.  A father and son are going to be baptized!!  His only concern is that he wants to be baptized the same time as his son!  That was a relief to us, because every other investigator we have taught has told us they like what we teach but they don’t want to progress.  We just had someone reschedule another lesson, that makes 4 this week that have rescheduled or cancelled.  Oh well, we will try again.  Oh Elder Ebmeyer and I fixed the old bike but it is terrible.  My leg is all cut up because of it, but don’t worry I’m fine.  I’m just glad we were in ‘civi’ clothes.  I would have been furious if my suit pants were ripped because of that stupid sprocket.

Do you like all  the picture I’ve sent home?  The town may not look like much but the fields look amazing.  I must say there are a few houses over by Clear Lake that I wouldn’t mind living in.  But if I were to choose I’d pick either Airway Heights area or Cheney.  We have to vacation out here once I get back.  Anyway, I love all y’all!

Elder Ryan Kelley


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