Email from Ryan 8-19-2013

Hey everybody!

My week has been amazing.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be serving in Medical Lake.  The people of the ward are so nice to us.  It’s like they haven’t had missionaries there before.  Anyway, Last Monday we had a really good dinner at one of the member’s houses.  We had buffalo and deer.  It was delicious.  Bro.Barr made the meat wrapped in bacon then dipped in some homemade cooking glaze or sauce or something.  Everyone out here says it makes the food hot, but I couldn’t even feel any spiciness with it.  The people up here have a different perspective of hot food.  Tuesday, we taught that part member family I was talking about a couple weeks ago.  They were out of town so this was only our second lesson with them.  The non member is the wife and the less active is the husband.  She just doesn’t understand lots of what we teach her (since she grew up not knowing anything about Jesus), and she plays the what if game the entire time we teach.  She just doesn’t want to change at all, and she has told us just that.  But we had her pray with us which was good to hear she was praying but I just couldn’t feel that she was doing it for the purpose if finding out if God is real.

Wednesday we had a zone conference where the Mission President and his wife talked about the Atonement.  And then the APs talked a little about repentance and how to teach more simply.  Then we did service at some lady’s house for a really long time.  Her yard was full of weeds!! I hate weeds.  Elder Ebmeyer and I just started using shovels and cleared out an area next to her front door.  We did a ton of work.  On Thursday we had our lesson with the Griffey’s.  They are just awesome!  The son is getting baptized on the 31st, and the dad just needs to come to church twice then we can put him on that date as well.  He has a hard time because he has to go on base a couple Sundays out of the month to do drill or something like that.  His Lt is a member of the ward.  He is awesome and always tells Bro.Griffey to come to church.  So he is hearing it everywhere.

Friday we had a lesson with in investigator that was referred to us by the Elders in Cheney, he seemed pretty cool but he really doesn’t like this ward.  But I can’t blame him, it’s not for everyone.  Then yesterday we had our first lesson with someone we met at the food bank a few weeks ago.  He said he wanted to turn his life around, and there is no better way to do that than taking lessons from the missionaries.  And that’s about it.  Oh, yesterday we had dinner at the Elders Quorum Presidents house.  He has the nicest house I’ve seen in the area yet.  HE and his wife are just awesome.  He works for the DEA.  And he has an awesome beard, hahah.  Anyway that just about how my week was.  Love and miss you all!


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