Email from Ryan 8-26-13

Hey everybody!

This week for me has been pretty slow, everyone kept cancelling on us again.  I guess that’s just the missionary life out here.  Anyway, I still had a pretty fun week.  Last Monday we went bowling and I did pretty well, I got a 138, that’s pretty good for not having my own equipment.  On Tuesday we had a new missionary training thing. It was funny, basically a vent session for all the sister that don’t get along with their companion.  The lunch was pretty good though.  Then we went and visited all the people that Elder Ebmeyer and Marsh taught while they were companions.  It was awesome; one of them even fed us.  It was way cool to see how much some people just bond with missionaries.  I’m hoping to find some people like that while I’m here.  Then Wednesday, we had to drive all the way out to Davenport only to find out our meeting there was cancelled, so we turned around and drove all the way back to medical lake.  I love the drives but I hate using miles since we only can go 1250 a month.  So we have to be smart with it, and that was just a waste.  Then both our appointments that night cancelled as well.  Then Thursday, We helped the Elders Marsh and Kenner out by helping them move someone out of their building.  I guess they saw this guy in a U-Haul and decided to go up and help.  They called us and we had all his furniture in his U-Haul within an hour.  Then he took us to Carl’s Junior.  And we got to talk about the church a little bit.  Then they left to drop their stuff off to the house they were moving in and we called the elders in the area and told them to help them unload it, and they did.  They even agreed to go on a church tour so that was pretty awesome.  Then we finally had a lesson with the lady that had cancelled on us like 7 times.  It was a really good lesson.  Elder Ebmeyer told me I taught most of it, and I didn’t even realize it.  Maybe I’m getting a little better at this after all.  Then we had Dinner with one of the coolest families I have ever met, The Wolfs.  They are from South Carolina, and they are just so incredibly nice.  They would do absolutely anything to help anyone,  especially missionaries.  Their son Gabe just cracks me up.  He is 17 but he is super funny.  Friday, we helped at the Food bank then we had meetings the rest of the day.  I did get to do a little bit of family history and I found out that one of my ancestors in our tree goes back to 795 BC! How crazy is that?!

Saturday was pretty crazy, we tried to go find Antwaun, one of our investigators.  He bounces from house to house, so we went to his last known location, and knocked on the door.  Then some old white dude opened the door and just says, Oh Crud!!  Slams it then screams some stuff that I don’t want to repeat. The whole time this happened Elder Ebmeyer and I were just looking at each other, and then Elder Ebmeyer screams back at him, we’re just looking for Antwaun.   Hahah, I couldn’t stop laughing for a while.  People are crazy.  Oh well.  Ce la vie.  Then we had dinner with the Hummer’s, and their non member friends.  They were really funny.  Sunday was pretty fun, after church Bro.Williams came up to us and just said, you’re having dinner with us again tonight.  So of course we were thrilled that we would be having dinner with members again.  The Petersen’s came too, they all are just so nice.  That’s one thing I’ve noticed in this ward, all of the families that live on Fairchild Air force Base are just super nice.  And some of the families that are local are nice too.  But yeah, that was pretty much the crazy week we had.  I’ll be going on exchanges in Davenport this Wednesday and Thursday.  And because of Labor day being next Monday, I might not get to email home on Monday.


Elder Kelley


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