Email from Ryan 9-16-2-13

So this Tuesday, I met my new step trainer, Elder Wong.  He is from Hong Kong.  Then we went back to Moran Prairie, which are basically the ghettos of Spokane.  So obviously my time here is going to be very interesting to say the least.  I’m not gonna lie though, leaving Medical Lake and all the people I got to know was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  So we went home and I unpacked all my stuff.  We live with Bro. Fletcher, he is so funny.  Then the zone leaders dropped my other companion Elder Cox.  We are in a trio. And Tuesday night we went all over town trying to get in contact with people.  Then Wednesday, we tracted, in which that was my first time tracting.  And I gotta say, I hate it.  It is super ineffective.  I’d rather do tons of member work like Elder Ebmeyer and I would do.  I miss Medical Lake so much! Then we went with the ward mission leader to visit his home teaching families.  He is way cool.  Thursday, we met with the Estocks.  Bro.Estock loves to talk.  But it’s ok because he was telling us his conversion story.  He was stationed at Fairchild during Vietnam.  He was a b-52 pilot.  Then we had dinner with another member.  Then Friday, we had district meeting , which was about how to fill out forms.  How dumb is that?  I know how to fill out forms!  Whatever.  Then we went to Costa Vida for lunch, which almost made me feel better about being in this new area.  I just can’t get over my last area.  Then we met some cool investigators and then my favorite part of the night we met with the Ungrichs’.  And you guys won’t believe this but, Bro.Ungrich sounds just like Mike Stevens!  It’s awesome, even his laugh is the same.  So, that made me feel at home.  I love the members here.  They seem to be more like the old member-missionary relation thing, where they expect us to badger them by asking if they have referrals.  I just don’t like that, the cool thing that Elder Ebmeyer was really good at was making the members feel more at ease about teaching their own friends.  The new companions I’m with didn’t really do that, “That’s what I love about my church thing” which is in D+C 33.  It makes the members give referrals to us without us even asking.  I’ve seen it work too.  whatever.  Things are gonna change around here though.  Now that I’m here.  Hahahaha.  Saturday we basically tracted all day, which sucked.  Sunday made me happy and mad at the same time.  I love going to church out here on my mission.  It makes me feel like I’m back home.  But then after we had to go out and work! I don’t mean to be weird or anything but Sunday should be a day we spend with members teaching them, not tracting down some street where no one wants to talk to us.  Oh well.  I just need to get used to this.  I also hate being on bikes.  Since I’m not really assigned to this mission I didn’t have to buy a bike so I get a loaner from the mission, and this particular bike will not go up hills. Like literally, the stupid chain starts jumping from gear to gear.  I have to walk the stupid thing up like a mile and a half long hill.  I am not too fond of this place, but I do love the people we are teaching so far.

I love all you guys.


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