Email from Ryan 9-23-2013

This week was really long for me yet again.  But I’ve been getting to meet some really nice people.  Tuesday, we taught one of our investigators at a member’s house.  And the members are just awesome.  They were mission presidents or something like that in Hong Kong.  And on top of that, they vacation down in Mesa all the time.  They actually stayed close to where Grammy and Grandpa live.  How crazy is that?!  Then Wednesday, we had interviews with president Mullen.  I really like the Mullen’s, they are really awesome!  Then we tracted, which yet again, was a waste of time.  On Thursday we helped a family move out of the ward.  I’m not gonna lie, I like doing service more than tracting.  Then we visited a couple families that are less active.  And that night, Elder Wong split with a family to teach people, so Elder Cox and I went out to visit some other people.  It was fun, we met this pretty cool guy named Blake.  Hahaha, Elder Cox and I were both kinda just walking away and he just came up and said hi.  Then we both went over to him and started talking.  He lives in Salt Lake City and he said he toured Temple Square with the missionaries.  So we gave him a card, and we are going to check back on him this week.  He was in a hurry when we talked to him.  But he seemed pretty cool.  Then Friday, we were on bikes.  This is when my week turns bad.  I just hate riding bikes in this area.  You are either going up a huge inclined hill, or your riding down it.  Nothing else.  Get on google maps and look up Perry street and 11th, and look up the hill.  We have to go up that stupid thing 2 or 3 times a day.  Anyway, we met with more families.  But my favorite was when we stopped by the Peacocks.  Bro.Peacock isn’t a member, but his wife and kids and brother are.  And the missionaries in this area have been trying to get him to read the book of Mormon for years now.  So, last week we left him a book of Mormon that our ward mission leader marked up for him.  I shared part of Lehi’s dream with him.  The part where it talks about Lehi eating the fruit of the tree of life and the first thing he wanted to do was share that with his family.  I told him that this is the reason we keep badgering him about reading.  And I think it got through to him.  But anyway, this week he said he finally read a little bit!! It’s awesome.  He does so much for the church, he is practically a member but just doesn’t come to church yet.  Then Saturday, we went to visit more families.  And tracting as usual. We are almost done tracting our entire area.  I hate it.  But later that night, I got to split off with the Torres family.  They are just so funny.  We tried to go visit some random names on the ward list that people have never seen.  All of them had moved.  Then we went and visited the Johnson family.  Sister Torres is good friends with sister Johnson who is a very less active member.  So they talked and I watched the UVU v BYU game with Bro.Johnson and Bro.Torres.  Then again it was only like 10 minutes but still, it’s nice to be in the members homes again.  I also got to hear sister Torres talk in Spanish so that was good.  Hahahahahahha, I could understand everything but I just can’t talk back.  I hate that.  Sunday was awesome.  A High councilmen spoke and gave a great talk on member missionary work.  I wish he could go over to medical lake and do the same thing.  They could really use it.  We got to get a ride that night with a member because it was just pouring rain when we were riding.  I am sooooooo glad I bought that trench coat thing right before I left.  It’s come in handy so much in this area.  This week I think it’s rained almost every day.  But that was pretty much my week.  Love you guys.


I have really cool news to tell you.  And no it’s not my visa.  I actually got an email saying nothing has changed on it. But the news!!  I got to help in my first blessing.  I did the anointing.  It was awesome.  Someone in our ward boundary got some kind of cancer and called her friend and asked her if the guys from her church could come give her a blessing.  It was awesome because the guy we went with was a doctor so he was able to help her out in deciding what to do.  He gave her lots of information and suggested she get a second opinion or something like that.


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