Email from Ryan 9-9-2013

This week was extremely fun for me.  You know what I did up until Wednesday so I’ll start at Thursday.  We worked at the food bank which always makes me happy.  I love working with the people there, they are just awesome.  We had one lesson that went pretty well.  Friday, we had a zone meeting that was decent.  Saturday was one of my favorite days in this area so far.  We woke up, tried to contact some potentials near the library.  No success there, but then we went to lunch at the Wolfe’s house, which is always awesome.   Sister Williams and her kids were over to watch the football game since she is from Georgia, and the Wolfe’s are from South Carolina.  It was just hilarious; I love the members in this area.  We stayed there for quite a while since we couldn’t bring our car on base.  Then we went home and started to clean the apartment a bit, which is good because it gets dirty sometimes.  Then Sunday, we had Stake Conference which was awesome, we heard from Elder Hales and Elder Perry.  Then Transfer calls came in late last night.  I’m being Transferred over to Moran Valley.  I stayed up till like 2 packing most of my stuff.  I’m just glad that I am able to wash all my stuff today or I’d be in a bit of trouble, once I finally get to wherever Moran Valley is.   Elder Ebmeyer will be training another Elder that is fresh out of the MTC.   He isn’t too crazy about it, haha.  But that was basically my week.  I leave Tuesday Morning.

I’m getting transferred to Moran valley.  I think that’s what it is called.  Tell Renee I said bye.  I wish I could stay its kinda tough to leave all these people i just got to know.


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