Email from Ryan 10-8-2013

Hey so you guys probably already noticed but, emailing is gonna happen on Tuesday for this week and next week.  We had a training yesterday so it was a little weird.  But this week has been a ton of fun.  I left Moran Prairie Monday, and got to Post Falls 2nd ward.  Then Tuesday, we had lunch with a less active family in this ward.  Then we went to visit a member that was close by to talk about a camp out that we are helping at.  Apparently we are going to talk to the Deacons about what we wished we knew before we left on our missions.  Then we took our bishop on a church tour.  Sad thing is I had never really done a church tour before so it was interesting.  Then Wednesday, we went and visited a bunch of less active members.  But something I’ve noticed here is that the less active members here really don’t like us at all.  Hahahaha, it was pretty funny, people would fake all sorts of things.  Like one guy told us he threw his back out, but he was able to bend down and pick his big dog up.  Oh well.  Then one guy pretended to all of the sudden get a call on his phone, only to have it actually ring while it was against his head.  Elder Burke and I laughed pretty hard.  Then we had another church tour that didn’t go too well.  Some of the members that were with us made the tour like double in time.   Then Thursday, we visited even more less actives, and we didn’t even get to speak to any of them.  Then we had dinner at the Abbots.  They are really cool.  2 other families were there as well.  Then we visited the McElligots.  Their family is just awesome.  I helped out their son Adam with math for a while.  Elder Burke helped wash their dishes.  Hahahhaha, anyway then Friday we had a zone training then studied for the rest of the night.  Saturday we got to go watch the first part of conference at the Stake Center in Couer D’Alene then we went and watched the second part with the McElligots.  For the Priesthood session we went to the stake center again to watch it.  Sunday, was basically the same but we just watched both parts with the McElligots.  It was nice to sit on a couch again and just watch conference like when I was back home and we would just sit and watch at home.  Then we had a church tour with some of our ward ward missionaries.  Then another family.  These 2 tours went tons better.  On Monday, we got to go to Spokane Valley for training.  It was nice to be back in Washington for a little bit.  The training was good, it was about working with members.   Something that I think missionaries out here don’t do too much of even though it works so much better than anything else.  But that was pretty much it.  So far this ward seems pretty cool.  It’s just that we have no one to teach right now.  But we are having tons of fun out here.
Love you guys.

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