Email from Ryan 9-30-2013

First week in Post Falls
Well this week has definitely been interesting.  Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the zone leaders so Elder Cantwell and I were driving all over Spokane.   Then Wednesday, we went and met with sister Bouscher.   She is really nice, her kids are hilarious.  I help them fix their tablet whenever I’m there.  When we were giving the lesson on the restoration and plan of salvation, we all talked about the three things that were important to us pertaining to the lesson.  And after I said mine, she told me she felt the spirit every time I would talk.  Then she said no garbage comes out of my mouth, and my companions started cracking up about that!  They automatically said, “so do we always just say garbage then?”  haha.  Then, on Thursday, we went and visited some members just to get to know them.   On Friday, we went back to sis.Bouscher’s house to help her move a couple of bed frames around in her apartment then we had a special district meeting.  The AP’s were teaching us how to teach more simply, which is a good thing to do.  So we split up in groups and one of the AP’s, Elder Oldam, was with us.   He had me and another missionary teach first, so we taught and he told us both that we are doing lots better than normal for how long we have been out.  After the meeting, he came up to me and asked if I was a visa waiter and I said yes, and he said, “NO! We cant lose you, you are too good of a teacher.” So apparently I’m doing something right out here. 
Saturday was just a blast, we had service almost all morning.  We helped this old lady move some stuff from one garage to one across town.  Then we went to the Ungricht’s house and just hung out there.  Lol, we cleaned their dishes and put them away.  Then we went to do more service.  We organized one of our investigators garages.  Then we went back to the Ungricht’s house and talked to them for a while.  Bro.Ungricht just had surgery to fix a hernia.  So we got dressed in our suits there and then gave him a blessing.  Then we went out to try and visit an investigator only to find out that she had to transport one of her friends to the hospital.  All in all this week I think we gave 4 blessing.  It was awesome! Then we went on splits and Elder Wong and I went down to the ghettos to visit some people.  Saturday night is when things got crazy.  Our zone leaders called us and told us that he was giving us transfer calls.  3 weeks early! He said, “Elder Kelley, you’re going to………..Post Falls 2nd ward!”  I was waiting for Argentina but hey, I like Idaho.  But yeah, I can’t seems to settle down anywhere.  I feel like those bunnies from Open Season.  The ones they used to throw at each other.   Hahahahaha, but its true.  Sunday was pretty bittersweet, I got to say goodbye to people this time.   Sunday night we went to the Bouschers and I said bye to them, and Sis. Bouscher said she really would miss me.  which is nice to know, cause if the members miss you, you’re doing something right.  Then we went to say goodbye to the Ungricht’s which is always a blast, we laugh so much whenever we go by there.  And we go by there a lot.  haha, anyways they had these Japanese drink things, so we had those.   They both said that they were really sad that I was leaving.  I’m going to miss hanging out with them.  Then we went home and I packed.  Then this morning I had to say goodbye to Elder Wong and Cox.  I hate packing and saying goodbye to people.  Maybe it’s just change, oh well. 
I miss and love you all. 
My new Address is,
720 N Dundee
Post Falls, Idaho
Look it up, its a beautiful house.

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