Email from Ryan 10-14-2013

Hey everyone!  So this past week has been a little hard for us out here in Post Falls.  Tuesday, we were supposed to have a night of teaching which was very hard to set up since we don’t have a ward mission leader.  The Cook’s, who are ward missionaries, helped us set up at least dinner with a member.   We were supposed to have an investigator at the dinner but he had to work instead.   Then we visited a couple of members that just love to talk to the missionaries whenever there is free time.  Then Wednesday, we had follow up training for the night we had last night, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned.  Then Thursday, we had a normal day.  And a normal day out here is trying to talk to tons of less active members, but none of them ever talk to us.  Then Friday, we had a pretty good day and I laughed pretty hard.   When we were walking home that night, we found a cat about 2 miles from home, and it followed us the entire way back! This cat was so weird; it has 7 toes on each paw.  When I picked it up it instantly started purring like crazy, I think it was really cold.  Elder Burke and I started taking pictures of it.  The dang thing is still up around the house, we saw it yesterday while we were on our way back home.  Then Saturday we went on exchanges.  I hadn’t walked that far really ever.   I think once we were all done at the end of the day it was close to 11 miles.  My legs still hurt, but I need to get used to this.  If I ever do get down to Argentina I’ll be walking about that far every day!  But anyway, Sunday was really good.  I love going to normal Sunday meetings.  We sat next to a family in church and their little tiny baby played with me almost the entire meeting!  haha, I had a program and she would take it then give it back.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever.   That made me pretty happy, cause out here it is easy to get discouraged.  But today is P-Day so I will relax today and get back to work later.

Love you guys.


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