Email from Ryan 11-4-2013 Week 2 in Argentina Broken Arm!

Argentina is awesome. We eat with members every day here, they are just awesome. It’s always some kind of chicken or beef. I haven’t had anything gross yet.  My favorite is mylinasia.  I have no idea how it is spelled but its breaded chicken or beef and very thin, but very good.  I am really liking it down here, it is very hard work but very rewarding. Unfortunately I don’t have much time today to email, I’ve got a ton of things going on today.  Some crazy things have happened this week. I told my dad the craziest one so if you want to know talk to him, haha.

I’ve gotten to know many people down here that I just love already. The people down here are so different; they have nothing but are willing to give you anything and everything that you need, especially food.  Some people have been asking if my town is like the slums in Brazil, and there are parts of my area that I just feel sad looking, at but the town center, it is really nice. The good thing is missionaries down here really get taken care of.

It is good I am with a native companion, I always ask him what is that, or how do you say that. It’s good I’m learning. I hear it takes about 3 weeks with a native comp to understand the language then another 3 to be able to talk back.

I have almost become addicted to the milk here, it’s more like ice cream than anything else. And they make strawberry flavored yogurt milk, I down those so quickly. Oh also they don’t sell milk in cartons or gallons, it comes in little bags. Wel,l that’s pretty much my week, I’m still trying to learn castillano but it’s taking a while.

I love you all.

Ryan’s message to Grant:

So I’ve got some crazy news that you need to tell mom and Geena carefully. I broke my right arm Friday night. I’ve been to see the doctor, everything is gonna be ok.  I go in for surgery Wednesday.  So we went to the church to check if a couple of our young investigators were coming to an activity.  I started to play ping pong and didn’t get too far before (this part you might not want to tell Geena and mom) my knee popped out of place. It was rainy outside and the floors are tile and very slippery so I guess that made me slip more or something.  I think I tried to brace my fall and that is when it broke around the forearm area. Then I snapped my knee back into place and the members had already put a make-shift cast on my arm.  (I’m not in much pain, I mostly just laugh about it. it’s sad that while playing ping pong I broke my arm. I’ll have to send you a picture of the x rays, they are nasty looking.)  So as soon as I fell, Elder Gonzolez was on the phone to the president and the assistants. I went to the hospital right away.  We were with members and one of them made me a sling and put me in his car and we went straight away. The reason I need surgery is I broke both bones. I am in a plaster cast right now and a make shift sling. I’m going to get plates and screws put in.  I talked to President Carter yesterday.  I have been at the office since Friday.  I’m not in pain, sadly, I have felt worse before, haha.

Call President Carter and ask about insurance and stuff, but I think I will let him know that I already told you so he can call. Anyway, I was companions with the assistants for Saturday and Sunday.  I spent all day today in the hospital and now Elder Gonzolez and I are going back to work till Wednesday morning. While I was gone he had the ward mission leader go with him and he stayed with the zone leaders at night. Sorry it’s hard to keep up with your questions since I can’t use both hands.  It does hurt some at night but I have medication for that.

President Carter says the church is ok with surgery here as long as it is at the British hospital, which is the only one that President Carter will allow any missionary to go to.  Try and email Sister Carter too.  Try and talk to them tonight, they are really cool.

I love you.


Grant and I spoke with President Carter on the phone tonight.  He said he anticipated that everything would be fine and Ryan would be back to normal in about 6 weeks.  He said his own daughter has had surgery in Argentina and 4 Elders have had Appendectomies while he’s been the president there.  All have gone well.  He said he would let us know tomorrow how everything went.  He wasn’t sure if he would have to stay overnight or not and said he would be checking on him and he wouldn’t be alone.  Someone would always be there with him and he has always had someone with him so far.  Please keep him and his doctors in your prayers.  We will post when we know more information.


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