Email from Ryan 11-11-2013

This week has also been pretty crazy.  So as most of you know now, I broke my arm 2 Fridays ago (Nov 1st).  I had surgery last Wednesday and it went well. I now have 2 plates and 12 screws in my right arm.  My emails might be a little shorter than normal because I can’t use both hands to type. 

The work has been going good here.  Just yesterday the entire district came to my area and we did a blitz and got 6 new investigators with 3 of those on date for baptism next month and that was just one little part of my area.  We really do have our work cut out for us.  This week will be fairly normal aside from going back to Ramos Mejia Friday for a doctor visit.  Hopefully I will get this cast off because I hate it.  Not much other than that is happening though.

I’m still loving the food here.  My favorite is still millenesa de pollo.  I hope I can learn how to make it.  haha   The other day a less active member invited us over to have hamburgers and asked me how many I could eat and I said 2 maybe and he was shocked!  He said, “Elder, I eat 7, you need to eat more so you can  work.”   Haha   I wonder what their definition of a hamburger is.  One thing for sure that I know is that people down here can eat! like tons!  Normally for me 2 millenesas would fill me up but people here eat like 5 or 6!  It’s crazy.  It might help that they really only eat once a day.

I love you guys, I’m sending pictures of my x-rays.  I’ll try and actually send them home at some point.

To Mom:

So I’m just going to start answering questions now, haha.  First off my arm doesn’t hurt when I’m sitting down, but the other times it hurts a little but not bad at all, more just uncomfortable.  I have feeling in all my fingers, but my middle finger has been numb since my arm broke.  I’m fine getting dressed in the morning; it just takes a little bit longer.  Sometimes I try and use my right arm and it hurts because I try and use it as if it were fine.  I shower pretty much normally, I just have to keep my arm raised up so it doesn’t get wet.  During the surgery they put a blanket over me so I couldn’t see since I was awake while they were working on my arm.  There was a really nice nurse that was there to just watch me and make sure I was doing ok.  She tried her hardest to speak as much English as she knew.  The name of the doctor was Tedeshi or something like that.  He is a really cool guy, he speaks English pretty well.  I think his specialty is arms.  Elder Sturgell, one of the APs (assistant to the President), stayed with me almost the whole time other than when I was in surgery.  I never went to the mission home, I spent my time with the office elders in Ramos Mejia.  My surgery was at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning.  I can’t remember.

My area is crazy awesome.  I am fortunate to be in the highest baptizing zone is the mission.  My area is doing well.  We had a baptism yesterday and one next week and 4 other people have dates set for baptism and we have 6 new people to teach.  This was just yesterday we got all that!  Unfortunately, at the same time, I’m in the most dangerous zone in the mission.  The good thing is we don’t work in Gonzolez Cataan, the really scary place, we work outside the city in Pontevedra.  Elder Gonzolez was robbed on Thursday while I was recovering from surgery, but the only thing they want are cell phones and that’s it.  They leave and everything is fine.  We try and stay away from those areas.  This is also the reason I only carry my planner and my Book of Mormon.  While we were at the hospital we met a really nice member that called ahead to make all of our appointments for that day, he served a mission in brazil.  We also talked to all the doctors about the church, none were too interested though.

We get to go to a meeting with Elder Holland this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!  We have a baptism and a meeting with Elder Holland on the same day!  840 missionaries will attend from the 3 missions in Buenos Aries and the Language training center here.

Oh I’ve got another talk for you to read, it’s called “Safety for the soul”.   You might remember it, it was really good, it’s by Elder Holland.

Here are my x-rays     Yeah, so my arm really was screwed up pretty bad.


Before surgery


After surgery



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