Email from Ryan 11-18-2013

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(Ryan can only type with his left hand since his right arm is broken.  He said it takes him a long time to type so his emails are shorter than they were before.  He kind of just puts down thoughts and a brief description of his day)

This week has been pretty awesome!  Tuesday we visited with 2 of our investigators, Wednesday we met with a new investigator that Elder Gonzalez and I found last Sunday.  His name is Pable and he is just awesome.  Thursday was a little sad, we found out that a mom of one amazing missionary in this mission passed away from cancer Thursday night.  He had been on his mission for a year and 9 months, and he is going home now to be with his family, so sad. Friday we went to Ramos and capital for my doctor visit, my scars are healing well.  I’ve got 2 huge scars, each about 6 inches long on either side of my right arm.  I still have my stitches.   I go back this Friday to get them taken out.  After that we went to visit the investigator that got baptized yesterday.  Then Saturday, we went back to Ramos at 5 in the morning to see Elder Holland speak.  It was awesome; he is such a good speaker.  He is so cool.  I was all the way in the back.  He talked about how much missionaries are loved.   Think about it, what other group of 80 thousand something people are prayed for, hoped for and worried for every day.   He said that we need to live up to that.

Sunday we had church which is always good and had a baptism afterwards that was just awesome.  The convert wanted to share his testimony but couldn’t because he was crying so much.  So awesome, I love working with part member families.  His wife is a member and now so is he.  Temple in a year!  I’m loving it down here other than the weather.  85 or 90 and 100 percent humidity, not a good mix and it’s not even December yet.  I’m shedding weight like it’s fun or something, it’s crazy.  I only eat once a day and I drink like 6 litters of water every 2 days haha.  Oh and we walk like 12 miles a day… anyway I love all y’all!

Emails back and forth to Grant:

Do you have any pain in your arm?   Nah not really, just when I try and use it like normal.  I just need to realize that it was just broken and needs to heal.

Where were all the pictures taken of your mission? (all the missionaries together on like a basketball courtyard or something?    That picture is at the chapel in Ramos Mejia, it’s huge.  They have 2 chapels because it’s 2 stake centers put together.  It is also where the BAW mission offices are located.   If you google the address you’ll see it.  The gate thing is a fence that covers the basketball/soccer court.


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