Email from Ryan 11-25-2013

These past 5 weeks have flown by.  Like I really don’t know where the time went.  Anyway, this week has been pretty good.  We had lots of lessons this week.  We had an appointment at the doctors this week in Capital.  It went really well.  They took my stiches out and just wrapped my arm up.  No cast or anything!   How crazy is that?!   4 weeks ago, my arm was broken in half and now I can use it almost like normal.  I can’t lift anything larger than 3 or 4 pounds without hurting myself, but I can write, carry my scriptures and all that good stuff.

So, I decided instead of telling you a list of what I did this week, I thought I’d share a story.  Unfortunately, it is a sad story, but a story nonetheless.  We are teaching these 2 women that are just awesome.  The first lesson we had with them I noticed that one of them had a lazy eye.  I thought it was a birth defect or something like that, because out here it’s sadly normal, but she then told us what happened.  She said that when she was living with her husband, he beat her a lot.  One time he almost beat her to death.  From that, she has a huge divot in the side of her head.  She then said give me your hand, she took my hand and helped me feel the softball sized divot of missing skull.  I swear I felt so extremely bad.  But right after doing that she said, but it’s ok cause my daughter is still alive and now I live with my mom.  What could be better?  “I love everything that you chicos have told me.(chicos meaning young boys haha) We want to learn more.”  I seriously can’t believe the faith of this woman, so crazy.  She told us that she doesn’t ever let anything stop her from doing what she wants to do. 

Emails back and forth to us:

This transfer has been awesome!  My zone has done really good, we have 21 baptisms, just in the zone.  I heard just this weekend in the mission there were 82!   This mission is just rocking.

It’s hot, really hot.  And it rains which is absolutely terrible.  Almost all of our roads here are made of dirt so we walk in the mud.  I bought some boots the day I broke my arm, well before that I guess.

I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving. I love you all.

I almost forgot to tell you.  They took the 23 stiches out, and now I don’t need a cast anymore.  I just have my arm wrapped up.  I am typing with 2 hands, it’s awesome!   I am making a quick recovery.   My middle finger is still a little numb, much less than 2 weeks ago.   In the pictures I sent, you can see my hand has a tan line.  That shows how much we work out here.  haha.   In 2 weeks, I had a tan line on my hand.

I’ve got to get going, I love you. DSCN0544 DSCN0546 DSCN0554


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