Email from Ryan 12-16-2013 (6 months out this week)

This week was really crazy as well.  I didn’t break any more bones or anything but we had to go to the hospital a billion times.  So I had physical therapy this week and last week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That sounds like a good thing right?  Wrong, we have to wake up super early and take a bus for 2 hours then a remis (like a car service) for another hour, then wait at the hospital forever then another hour remis followed by another 2 hour ride back to my area.  But today, we found out that we don’t need to go back anymore.  My arm has healed up really well.   My companion goes with me since I don’t need a translator anymore. haha.

This week we had a baptism, it went really well.  Her name is Yisel, she has 2 kids that are just so funny and also super crazy.  She has been investigating the church for almost 10 months now then all of the sudden one day decided to change her mind about it all and set her path in line with what she needed to do to get baptized.  It is an awesome thing seeing people’s hearts change.  I really can’t explain it more than that.

I’m excited to get to Skype you guys at Christmas!!   I still have no idea what’s going on with that, so we will see.  But it is Skype and I do have moms Skype account.

My Castellano has been coming along lots better.   I am understanding more and able to talk a little bit more.  I think that all the missionaries go through their first 3 transfers like this, the first transfer they are like a baby that can’t really talk and sounds weird when they try to.  Then the second transfer they are like a toddler that doesn’t make any sense sometimes, but can understand for the most part, then the third transfer is when they really feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

So yesterday was pretty crazy, we had been walking for about 3 hours and all of the sudden it starts to rain a little bit, then it starts to pour, then it starts hailing!   So we found a little bit of cover under an awning of a kiosco and stayed there, but the awning broke and we got soaked to the bone.  Literally, soaking wet.  We had to walk about another 30 minutes before we got home.  What a day.

I love you guys and I’ve got to get going.  I might be back on latter tonight for a little bit, we are in Capital, we have gained so much knowledge at the hospital that they send people with us because we know where everything is. haha.

In other emails back and forth:

We told Ryan about Psych the musical being on TV tonight,  he replied:  “Yeah so pretty much your gonna have to send me the script, buy the cd and a shirt for me.”  hahhahaha.

I haven’t sent any letters home yet.  I have no idea how to do it.  I’ll ask Elder Gonzalez tonight.   We were at the hospital all day today.  We literally didn’t do anything more than that.

Where did you take that picture of Geena, it looks cold?   I miss the cold.  I’ve been thinking, how long ago did you buy that suit you sent for Christmas?   I’m trying to imagine how big it is going to be.  I have lost a ton of weight down here.  30 pounds!  I’m gonna come home as an anorexic person.  ( I said, “30 lbs!  That’s great!  You could come home under 200 at that rate!”)  Ryan said, “ I could come home at 120 at this rate.“  Like I said anorexic.  haha.   I literally eat once a day and just a little bit, but drink tons and tons and tons of water.    If I have hunger at all, I just have a tiny bit of cereal but that’s if I’m really dying, if not then I just drink some more water and go to sleep.   I bought a 2.25 liter Fanta the other week and once I finished it, I fill it up with water.  I pretty much drink 1 or 2 of those a day depending on how much time we spend in the pench.  (the president uses the word pench which means pension.   It is the Spanish word for apartment.  All the missionaries use the word pench since its shorter than apartment, or pension.)

I’ve got a lot of pictures to send you in two weeks.  You’re gonna look through the pictures and have a hard time picking me out seriously.  My face looks a lot different.  haha, the ward mission leader said in the little English he knows, ‘your face look alot better now that you lost weights.’   One of the Sisters in the ward that is just so nice to us always says, Elder Kelley you need to eat.  You can’t lose more weight, you need to go back to your house fat not skinny.  hahahahaha.   Oh, and here it’s not rude to call people fat or skinny.  They say it all the time.  Hahaha   It’s so funny.    Haha.  The kids are the best.  Maite, the little girl that our convert has, asked me the other day, she said, esta gordo?   Haha   I just said yes, hahahaha.  She is so funny.  She pretty much asked, are you fat?   haha.

But I do know that you need to try and find milanesa and cook it for the family.  Look up a recipe for it.  That is pretty much what I eat on a daily basis.   I have no idea how to make it, but I know that all the stores here sell it by the kilo.   All we have to do is throw it in some grease and call it good.   Also, there are a ton of people from Paraguay and we have awesome food from there.  My favorite is bodi bodi.   It’s like a soup with chicken and potato.   Oh, also I learned how to eat pretty much everything except fruit.  I found that carrots aren’t too bad and potatoes are amazing.

Do you know that I finish my mission on June 2nd?   That means I have less than a year and a half left!   How crazy is that.   The time has literally flown by.   It’s going a little slower right now because of how hot it is, but other than that, wow!!    We have this card that we carry around that allows us to teach down here, and June 2nd mine expires for good.   Well, seeing as I don’t have a visa yet, I don’t think my visa will expire until long after I’m gone.  I just can’t proselyte anymore after June 2nd.

Hey, when you visited Clint in Brasil did you see tons of people drinking mate?   Because here it is crazy, I swear for them it’s like a necessity of life.   Even people while they are driving are drinking it.   The members at the church have a huge stash that they use whenever they are there.   It’s so funny.   It’s pretty much an herbal tea.   They all drink from the same straw thing and never change the mate.    We aren’t allowed to drink with them.    I just think it’s funny that everyone drinks mate even when it’s stinking hot.   They use hot water with it too.   Some use cold juice but not many.   The rule in the mission is we can’t drink herbal mate with the members because not only is it unsanitary but the members will literally drink it for hours on end with you.  But we have had what Elder Gonzalez calls ‘mate celestial.’  haha, it’s cocoa with milk.   But it’s white cocoa and its pretty good, but I always feel sick when I drink it so we don’t have it very often.    You had pizza?, oh don’t bring up pizza, you had Barros, huh?   I miss pizza so much.

How has work been?   Oh I’ve got some crazy news.   I don’t know if Renee told you, but Elder Ebmeyer got transferred and now Elder Burke is there!!   Elder burke was my last companion in the states.   He and Elder Ebmeyer and I are really good friends.  haha, Elder Ebmeyer says we are the same person.  Literally we pretty much think the same and do the exact same things.  We both love Phineas and Ferb and have the same sense of humor.  Hahah.   Elder Gonzalez is pretty much like that too.   My companion is cool.   He is very good with everybody here, I think it might have something to do with the 10 months he has been here!!    Crazy huh, in January he will have served in the same area for 10 and a half months.   I think he is getting transferred this upcoming transfer.   Pretty sad, we work really well together.

Yes, I use my electric tooth brush all the time.  People down here have pretty bad teeth.    I don’t think there is a member in this ward that isn’t missing a tooth or two.

I have to go now too.. love you


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