Email from Ryan 12-2-2013

Not really sure what week it is here anymore.  haha.  Time has literally flown by.  I’m almost at 6 months, and when I’m there it will be 1/4th of my mission.  So crazy, it feels like I left maybe a few weeks ago.  But anyway, this week was super crazy.  We walked soooooooo much.  I hate it.  But it’s ok because we get to teach some really awesome people.  I can’t tell which I hate more, the days that it just doesn’t stop raining and gets muddy everywhere or the days that are just sooooo hot and humid, and it’s only spring here.  The worst is yet to come. 

My arm has been doing really well.  My scars look good, as far as scars can look. 

This area I am in is gigantic, we were just walking the other day and I didn’t see a single thing that I remembered before.  I could swear we had walked every street but apparently not… This week we have really been focusing on getting our investigators to church, for some reason they always flake out at the last point.  So this upcoming week is gonna be a little uncomfortable.  We are going to bajar la cañe or in English, pretty much lay down the truth… it makes more sense in Spanish.  oh well.

Oh speaking of which, I love Argentine people.  They are so funny, when they want to call something small they just throw the ending ito, to the end of the word.  My favorite is chicitito.  hahahaha, in which chico is young boy, so chicitito is baby boy, pretty much.  There is a family in my ward, the dads name is Martin, and the sons name is martin, but they call the son Martincito.  hahahahaha, little martin.  And how they ask you what your name is, literal translation is, how is your name?  They use it the same way as for, ‘how are you doing’, so they are pretty much asking how is your name doing? haha I love it.

Transfers are this week.  In this mission we don’t find out until Tuesday night, I think elder Gonzalez and I are staying here for one more transfer, then after that I don’t know.  But all my guesses have been wrong so far, so I have no idea.  I love you all and hope you had a good Thanksgiving and have a good Christmas too.  I’ll talk to you in a few weeks over Skype I think!   Love you guys.

Emails back and forth:

Oh cool.  I’m super jealous that you got to see the Intrepid and all the Legos.   You know I love those 2 things, like a lot.  haha.   I don’t even know if you would recognize me anymore.  I’m not sure I do, haha.   Seriously, I had my Nautica suit on, the pinstripe one, and I swear I could fit another me in that jacket at the same time.  hahahahaha.  All my pants are super loose now.   I think I need to start looking for some new ones.  I know you said to try and get my suit altered but I don’t even know if Gonzalez Catan has a tailor shop.  These people here can’t afford that.   I will ask some people about it.

Today, we woke up and cleaned and then Elder Gonzalez got his hair cut by a member and we bought some cleaning supplies from a member and now we are at the cyber by our apartment.   If you want to google search it, we live on, de roma y de los franceses.   It’s a pretty tranquil town.   I can’t remember the word for tranquilo in English so I’m just gonna leave it at that.   It’s been pretty relaxing today, but super hot!

We are going to the temple on the 23rd for a Christmas meeting and doing something as a mission.  It should be pretty fun.  At least I’ll get that holiday since I totally missed Thanksgiving. 

Oh also on my Facebook, will you add the people that have friended me?  Also, try and look for the Ungritch family, they live on south hill, at the copper hill apartments.  I got really close to them before I left Moran Prairie.   I never gave them a card you sent me since the cards came while I was in Idaho.  I don’t know their first names but their last name is pretty unique.

Bye mom, love you, got to go.

I wanted to send you the emails Renee sent me.  Here are the ones I sent her and the ones she sent back to me.  She is just awesome.   I honestly think you should go up there before I get home.

On Oct 17, 2013, Ryan’s email to Renee:

Hey Renee!!  It’s Elder Ryan Kelley.  How are you?  My mom told me that you tried to come visit me out on South Hill.  I actually got moved farther east to Post Falls.  But  I’m not staying too long here either.  My visa just came through.  I leave for Argentina next Thursday.  Tell Elder Ebmeyer that I say hi.  I hope all is well with your family.  I miss helping out at the food bank all the time.  I am for sure coming back to Medical Lake once I get home from my mission.  I’ll bring my family too!  Tell everyone at the food bank that I said hi.

Renee’s reply:  We were just talking about you!!!!  Cody said that someone else got their visa, so yours would probably be coming through too.  While I’m over the moon happy for you, I was hoping to get you back in Medical Lake!!  Smiling face with open mouth.   Your mom is amazing, and has kept me posted on how you are doing. I did drive out to take a pic, give you a hug, and to make sure you were doing well :).   I truly hope that you do come back, and grace us with your presence!!!  I got attached :).  You’re an incredible guy Ryan, and I am already excited for those lives you will soon be touching in Argentina!!!!!   Please keep me posted if you can, and I’ll kick Cody for you lmao!!!!

On Nov 25, 2013, Ryan’s email to Renee:

Hey Renee!  My mom told me that your son is going to boot camp this week, is the right?  crazy.  I remember you said he was a pararescueman, but it sounded like he already did boot camp.  I hope you don’t worry too much, the Air Force really does take care of their people.  I will for sure come back to see all you guys.  My mom is really excited to meet you too.  These past few weeks have been crazy, I don’t know if my mom or Elder Ebmeyer told you but I broke my arm a few weeks ago.  I had surgery down here in a really good hospital.  And now, I don’t even have a cast!   I made a super quick recovery, it also helps that I had plates and screws attached to my bones now.  haha.  I wish I could have stayed in Medical Lake a little longer.  I finally broke out of my shell about a month ago, I talk a whole lot more.  haha,I know you and a few other people at the food bank were trying to help me do that.  I hope everything goes well with you and your family.  Tell Preston I say hi.

Renee’s reply:  You are so sweet!!  Yes, my baby boy left this morning, and I am still crying.  I know the pain will get better, but for now I’m just crying :(.   Your sweet mama sent a pic of you with your cast, and I saw the X-rays on your blog.  You poor thing!!!   I’m excited your mom is getting to love on baby bear, and am excited to watch Geena on Thanksgiving!!!!   I’m also happy to hear you have come out of your shell babe!!   You are an exceptional man, and have so much to give!!!!!!   I will be thinking of you on Thanksgiving, and of my son, and hoping all is well!!!   I hope you can find someone there to send your amazing mama pics!!!!!   Preston says hi and hurry back because he misses you!!!   We all do!!!!   I am so looking forward to meeting your family!!! God brought us together and I’m eternally grateful!!!!   Thank you for thinking of me!!!!!!!!!



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