Email from Ryan 12/9/2013

This week has been super fast, like all the weeks here.  I feel like I’m improving in Castellano, but I can’t tell what people say lots of times.  Oh well, at some point I will get it.  Anyway, this week has been pretty good for us, sadly we only had 1 investigator at church which really killed us because after that, all the people that we were teaching that were on date fell, or aren’t progressing.  But we do  have a baptism coming up this week.  It’s awesome, this person seriously was just like a miracle.  So in every country, missionaries run into problems with their investigators.  In the U.S. we had tons of people that wouldn’t give up coffee.  Here it’s people living together that don’t want to get married.  The investigator that is getting baptized this Saturday was one of those.  The missionaries have been working with her for almost a year.  The other week she and her boyfriend separated, or however you say it.  Crazy enough we had a dinner appointment with one of her sisters and she was there, and says, “Hey Elders, I want to start taking the lessons again, I’m ready to join the church.”  How awesome!!!!!

So some other crazy news, a tornado ripped through all of Gonzalez Catan and ended just outside of Pontevedra on Monday night.  It was crazy, it was like 20 minutes of crazy wind and rain.  The power was out in all of Gonzalez Catan for a few days.  I think it hit part of Ramos as well but I’m not sure.  It was crazy though.  Our apartment is perfectly safe.  This week, Elder Gonzalez and I have to go to Capital to the hospital.  I have rehabilitation for 3 days, then I’m free.  My arm has basically healed up, I still can’t lift anything heavy but I’m not in a cast or sling or even a wrap.  It’s crazy how fast it’s healed, literally a month ago, my arm was snapped in half and now, I can almost use it like normal.

Well, we need to get back to work.  I love all y’all and I will get to Skype home for Christmas.  Also speaking of which, I won’t get to email home the week of Christmas, but the week after I will.  What is new in arizona?  Tell me about the happenings in the ward.  Do you still have the sister missionaries over for dinner?

Emails back and forth with Grant:

I am in Ramos right now, I had an appointment for physical therapy. Haha.  It’s funny, all they do is hook my arm up to some magnets and 20 minutes later I’m done.  haha.  When the DL or ZL go to the offices they pick up the mail so maybe once a transfer I would get mail.  I get to go to the offices lots more than the leaders because of my arm. hahaha.   I got the get well soon cards you guys sent a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten anything else.  They aren’t giving us packages until Christmas, but I have no idea about letters.  I think I’ll get all that stuff the 23rd.  We are having a pday Christmas.  In our mission we get to Skype home on Christmas  if a member in the ward has Skype, which they do, so I will Skype you guys, just be home on Christmas, all day and send me your Skype account.  I know there is a family here that all the kids work on the computer, they are awesome, I think we might be going there or the chapel, I don’t know yet.

Hey, if you do want to do anything to the Shadow, I would like 1 thing done to it.  Sadly when something got on the exhaust pipes, I tried cleaning it off and failed miserably and pretty much made it worse.  So, there are some pipes that I liked a lot, they are called vance and hines straight shot pipes.  If it is too expensive, you can sell my drum set to help out with money if you need it.  I know that they would sell pretty well with all those cymbals and everything.  You don’t have to do anything to it but if you want to replace it, it would look better.  How do you like riding the shadow?  Do you let Geena bob drive the little black one or has she even wanted to ride it?   Love you too dad, be safe


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