Email from Ryan 12-30-2013

Hey guys!!  Merry Christmas!  These past 2 weeks have been awesome; also they have been super hot.  It pretty much feels like a sauna here during the entire day.  But that doesn’t stop any of us from working hard every day.  So last Monday we had a pday as a mission.  It was awesome; we all went to the temple, where I met Elder Shumway finally (Grandpa Cowgur’s friend).  Then we had lunch which was really good and a Christmas devotional.  Then Wednesday I got to skype home!  I can’t believe how crazy it is that it’s been over 6 months since I left home, the days seem to just fly by.  This month as a mission we have seen the most success ever in the history of this mission.  This month alone the mission had 186 baptisms and confirmations.  This literally is a huge accomplishment.  It also gives us a look at all the people in this world that are waiting to hear the gospel, and not just from missionaries but from all of you, members in the church!

Today we cleaned the apartment which took a while but it really needed it.  Speaking of the apartment, the fan in our bedroom broke and it made life so much harder.  Every night we pull our beds into the other room so we don’t die from the heat.  It’s crazy hot here, and it doesn’t help that we live in the top floor and have sun on the roof all day long.

I love you guys and hope you have a great new year.  I’ve got tons of pictures to start sending to you so look for those.


Email to Mom:

So to start off, we went to a members house the night before Christmas.   Christmas here isn’t really Christmas, but we spent a little while with an awesome family.  They gave us both mates, which is the cup they drink mate out of and the straw thing.  But it’s awesome because it says Buenos Aires on it.  So when I get home maybe I’ll start drinking mate, or not, idk I can’t remember if Clint ever gave us any or not and if I liked it or not.  Oh well.

Yep my zone does have a song.  I think I said this before but this is the best zone in the mission.  We all work super hard.  That is so funny that I was in the background of that picture with Elder Dahl, lol.  I love elder Dahl, he cracks me up.  I got to see Elder Cline for pday navideno and the first thing he says to me is, “Elder Kelley, you have lost a ton of weight!  I think you shed a person!”  hahaha.

That is crazy that the temple is opening up soon, that is so cool for you guys.

When we went through the temple on Monday, when we went into the Celestial room and as soon as I got through the door I see president Carter standing right there waiting to give me a hug.  I don’t know why but that was just awesome.  He was there for almost 6 hours just to wait for all the missionaries to go through and to give them all a hug.  He is so awesome.

That is hilarious about Caleb and Jacob.  They always cracked me up.  I still haven’t got their letters yet, we will see tomorrow.

So the walking is literally terrible, it’s better that we walk a lot every day so I don’t ever lose those muscles.  Trust me like last week, we walked a lot and then none.  Then this week was super hard to get back to walking again.  So it doesn’t really matter the weight on my walking but I know my knees are stronger from walking a ton.

I love you mom, have a great new year!


Emails to Dad:

Ah movies. I miss movies.  I think I have watched ‘The Testaments’ like 200 times, the ‘Joseph Smith’ movie like 20 and a ton of other ones.  haha, We do have time to do that in the morning and for an hour or so before bedtime.  Oh, also get this, 1 dollar equals 10 pesos now.  How awesome is that for me?!  haha, So I’m going to withdraw a little from my account today (since you said grammie and gpa put money in my account and wanted me to buy something).   Ok I’ll look around, but I think I’m gonna save it until I can find something I really want.  I do want to buy a jersey though.  And maybe two for the Redwing boys and one for Boston, how big of a shirt should I buy for them?

Let them know at the bank that I was in Utah, Washington, and Idaho, and Argentina so they know that my card isn’t stolen, it’s just being used by a person that is traveling.

How is the family doing?  Is Hannah getting married?  I heard that Justin is engaged but I haven’t heard about Hannah.

I love you too be safe.



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