Email from Ryan 1-13-2014

This week has been pretty fun.  This is the last week here for elder Gonzalez he is getting transferred Wednesday. (The transfer meeting is Wednesday morning in Ramos.)   Since he is leaving, all the members wanted to cook him something special, so that means I got to eat too!!!   Asado, pollo, spaghetti, all that good stuff.   Then we did lots and lots of tracting this week.  We did find a few people to teach.  Also we found a bunch of crazy people, and also an area that we need to stay away from.

It cooled down this week so it was pretty decent.  It rained one night pretty bad.  Maybe some of you heard about this but in Mar del Plata, near capital federal somewhere, this huge storm rolled through and 1 lightning bolt killed 4 teenagers.  Super sad.  They were at the beach and this huge bolt just dropped and there was nothing they could do.  There was a video of the storm from someone’s porch and I swear it looked like the size of a semi-truck falling to the ground.  Other than that not too much happened. 

I gave a talk yesterday about member missionary work.  I pretty much just lectured the members about doing more, or motivating might be a better word.  But the first counselor straight up told me, bajar la cane hahaha.  I like the members here.  My life is about to get lots harder though.  If Elder Gonzalez leaves that means I’m gonna be senior comp, and training.  Not sure how that’s gonna go.  If it’s an Elder that can’t speak Spanish I think I’ll be learning at a lot faster rate, but I’m gonna have a hard time. lol.  We will see.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.

 To Grant:

Here are the terms we use out here.  Nursery is the MTC.  When you have a son, that is in his first 12 weeks after leaving the MTC.  After that is a mom.  Then just normal junior or senior companion.  haha   My family tree on the mission is pretty screwed up.  So my dad was Elder Ebmeyer, I had 3 step dads (which is the second transfer) then my mom (third transfer) was Argentinian.  hahahaha. So it’s pretty fun.

I do need to write you guys.  Hey in the next package you send, can you please send stamps, just normal US stamps.  There is this thing called pouch mail that all I have to do is give it to the mission office and they get it to the states and then just mail it from the US.  So it’s much safer and easier.  It can only be one piece of paper but much less expensive.

I got to go dad. I love you.


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