Email from Ryan 1/6/2014

So this week has been a little hard on us.  We are getting burnt up, not only from the sun but in energy as well.  So something that has really been super annoying is that the price for transportation around here doubled.  So, we get 900 pesos a month now, which is about 90 dollars and that is for a month.  In which, almost 300 pesos goes to cleaning supplies, and bus money.  So, we really get 600 pesos.  In which I just buy cereal, milk, and Oreos, if we can find them.

This week, we were really focusing on finding new people to teach, since we really don’t have anyone to teach.  So we looked this entire week.  We have been working our butts off and just nothing.  Then we were having correlation meeting with the ward mission leader and he had a referral for us about a person that lived super close.  So we went, and now we have another person to teach.  I love the members down here that give us good referrals.

So this next week is transfers.  President has told us that Elder Gonzalez is leaving this transfer since he has 10 and a half months here! haha, I guess I’m going to be training or senior companion or something like that so this week is going to be spent getting to know the area even more.  That just means a ton of walking, and more walking.  haha. That’s pretty much it, nothing else is new.

Oh, I finally got that letter from the Redwings!! It was awesome! The pictures are going up on the wall of the apartment.  The picture of Caleb with Sparky is just awesome.

I love you guys, I’ll talk to you next week.

To Mom:

Hey mom! I hope you had a good week.  I am learning so much while I’ve been here, I realize I just didn’t have the desire to learn more before I left.  But now I just love learning more and more.  It’s really awesome, like you said there is no other time like a mission to learn about all of this stuff and have a very strong testimony.  Seriously you should take the family and visit Washington.  Say hi to Burke for me.  Elder Burke is just like me. Literally, just like me, but more talkative.  And you could visit Renee and her family, you would love that.  

To Dad:

Sorry I haven’t emailed back in a while, I had a ton of long emails. haha. I think moms email took me like 20 minutes to read.  I did try and use the Visa card last week but it didn’t work.  I’ll try again when the card machine works.  They close it at the most random times, then they open it back up and the entire town is there waiting in line to use the 1 atm in all of Pontevedra.  it’s crazy.  I could try to use it at a store, but I’d rather take the money out, so that way I don’t carry the card with me.


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