Email from Ryan 2-10-2014

Hey guys!! This week was pretty awesome! We worked super hard this week.  So this whole week has been kind of rainy and crappy.  Before I left on my mission I loved the rain.  But right now I hate it soooooo much. I had to spend lots of money for an umbrella because I was tired of walking around soaking wet.  haha. But sometimes the rain just rolls in super quick and we are super far from the apartment and we just get soaked.  I can’t really take a backpack with me to keep all my stuff, so I kind of just deal with it.  I’m trying to look for a poncho that is super tiny that I can put in my pocket.  But I haven’t found anything yet.  haha.

So, Tuesday we had district meeting and nothing much more than that.

Wednesday we had quite a few lessons.  We have been working with this kid that is just awesome.  He is so ready to learn.  haha, Lots of times his mom can’t meet with us but he tells us, hey, my mom can’t talk right now but I can.  They are all so excited to see us when we stop by their house.

Thursday we had a lesson with Alexis, a 9 year old that is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! He is just so funny. hahahah, they have a dog named Pici, and it’s nose and eye are deformed, this dog sounds like a pig when it gets happy or excited it is sooooo funny.  Haha  We also found a lady that had been listening to the missionaries a long time ago and we started teaching her again.  She is really nice.

On Friday, it started to rain super hard.  The streets were full and we had to wear rain boots or galoshes? I can’t remember how to spell that, oh well. But yeah other parts of the area had water up the the waist!  How crazy is that?!  Luckily, we live on the second floor and none of our investigators or members had problems with the rain.  Then we had exchanges.  I stayed in my area….again.  haha.  We went to visit a new investigator we found last week.  And she was there with her son and her brother.  And we asked them what they needed in their lives.  hahahaha, and all of them said, I believe that baptism will change my life for the better.  We couldn’t believe it, hahaha.  So all of them just need to come to church so they can know that it’s what they need, and feel the spirit super strong.  All throughout that day we had no time at all.  We didn’t even stop to eat anything.  haha. Saturday was awesome as well, pretty much this whole week was good, lots better than last week.  We had lessons with members and investigators and lots of stuff.

Sunday came around and we finally had a few investigators in church.  We needed more to be there but hey, it’s a start.  We are teaching this one girl that is part Argentine part Chinese.  Her name is Ying.  She was a referral from our most recent convert Yizel. This upcoming week we are going to be working with the less actives a lot. We have tons and they all need to come back to church, I hate seeing the chapel so empty all the time.  Then again the members here are kind of flaky.  Like if it rains, half of the active members don’t come!  How dumb is that!!!  A little rain is gonna spoil your life?  oh well.

So, just a few quick things to say, haha. So I kept hearing this saying before I left, that once a missionary dreams in his or her mission language they are set.  But let me tell you, it’s a lie.  hahaha, I had a dream in Spanish the other day and I didn’t understand any of it, but I was positive it was Spanish.  haha.

And this last thing I’m gonna tell you guys is pretty crazy but super true.  So, I was on divisions with Elder Walker who just finished his mission last pday, he told me that we as missionaries here in Argentina do enough walking in two years to walk all the way home to our houses, and more!!!  It’s true too!  We are walking for almost every hour of the day.  The only time we get to take a bus is if the appointments are far away or we need to go to a different city.  And the last thing I wanted to say is, I’ve found the secret to losing weight. Don’t change anything, just get rid of your car and walk.  hahahaha.  Ok one last quick thing then I’m gonna leave.  So, the first week I got to Argentina I bought rain boots and my legs could barely fit cause I was fat.  Then about 2 months ago they were super huge because I lost a ton of weight (40 pounds!!) and now they can barely fit because my leg muscles are huge. hahaahha, that’s pretty much my exercise in the morning and throughout the day.  Well I’m gonna go, I love you guys.


Hey mom!

No, I haven’t gotten any packages yet.  Dang, I miss watching the Olympics with you, you always get so into it.  hahaha. I think it’s more entertaining to listen to you root them on. hahahaha.

I got all those photos you sent by email. Boston is so big!!  What the heck, time was just supposed to stop while I left.  Does Juliet really sleep outside my door every night?

Ah, so things I would love if you could send it.  A&W cream soda, if possible.  I have missed cream soda sooooooooo much.  It’s ridiculous.  They sell them in cans so it would be lots easier to send.  Another memory card if possible for the camera.  I still have lots of space but I want to take more videos, they take up more space than just photos.  Oh, and Geena told me that Psych is going to only have one season left?!?!?!?!?  What is this nonsense!!!!! They can’t stop making Psych, it’s like the best show out there.  You need to write me a summary of each episode.  What night do they come on now?  It was Friday nights first then Monday nights then Thursday or something.

Have you been looking for houses in Tennessee lately?  Look for some houses when you guys visit Clint, Litsy and Boston.


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