Email from Ryan 2-3-2014

So this week hasn’t been the best for me.  We have just had tons of problems here.  We are working super hard but we just had 3 days in a row this week that we couldn’t meet with anyone.  So you could say we almost walked for basically 3 days straight.  When we can’t meet with someone we just go to our back up plan, and all of our back up plans couldn’t meet either.  So it was a bad week for that.  But Saturday and Sunday were good, more or less.  None of the people we invited to come to church came.  I just don’t understand why, we go to their house to look for them, call them, do everything we possibly can to get them to come but they don’t and other things as well that I just don’t like.  But that isn’t important to me.  Anyway, we met with the Claros family again.  They are the ones who lost their son a few weeks ago.  The mom had read both pamphlets that we left for her and she had a ton of really good questions.  It was awesome!  I don’t know if you guys know what the pamphlets look like but if you want to know just ask the missionaries in the ward.  She had one about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and had a ton of questions about it and they were really good questions.  The bad thing is that the parents aren’t married so they can’t be baptized ‘till they get married.  But the 2 little girls they have that are 10 and 13 are on date for the 8th of March.  And the only thing they told us which is kind of funny is that they think it is way too quick.  They told us that they need to attend our church for at least 2 years before they can get baptized.  haha  We were like whoah?!  That’s a long time.  But they haven’t been to church yet, we are trying really hard to get them there.  We are trying hard to get all of them there but nothing yet. So this week was also pretty hard because the rain started to roll in and I don’t really have a coat that keeps rain out, what I have is a sponge, that just loves to keep me soaked the entire day.  I don’t have an umbrella either, I haven’t found a decent one.  Also, I can’t buy one either so it’s a little frustrating but I’m pretty much used to it now.  We have those boots that are really tall that don’t let water in, and a plastic bag with all our stuff that we don’t want to get wet and we call it good.  I think I’ve been drenched head to toe like 15 times now on my mission.  One time we were wearing suits!, that wasn’t fun cause we had to take a bus after for almost 2 hours!   Oh well, I’m doing alright though.

I love our members here.  And now that I can pretty much talk to them it makes it a lot easier to like them even more.  We got to Bring Jared with us again yesterday, he was a mini missionary pretty much, haha.  He came with us to the lessons we had.  He cracks me up! All his family is awesome.  Well, I’m gonna get going, I’ll talk to you all next week.

To Mom:

Hey mom!!  I remember that the Stintson’s moved back into the ward, how is Andrew doing? When does Joe Vennard leave? I’m not sure if I remember meeting Renee’s mom, but it’s been a few months since I was there.  I miss that area (Spokane) so much, it was so ridiculously gorgeous and the people were so nice.  I know you don’t think wheat fields are all that great but I do.  hahaha. I loved seeing a ton of huge trees and everything.

You asked about things for my birthday, If you could send like 2 new pairs of slacks that would be awesome.  And maybe 2 more of the Stafford short sleeved white shirts, they are perfect.  And some crazy socks would be pretty cool.  My socks that I have now work good but I just need a few more pairs.  Also could you send more chocolate hugs.  I shared them with a family and one of them asked me, “Elder Kelley, for my birthday, could you ask your parents to send a bag just for me.”  hahahaha.   So, if you could send like a bag or 2 of hugs that would be awesome and a filtered water bottle if you can find one.  Also, maybe a poncho or rain coat.  That is all.

For Dad:

I was wondering why I was having such a hard time with my stupid card credit.  Did you already send my package?  If not, hide the new VISA card in the package and send it with insurance.  If you try and send money, I don’t think it will make it through.  haha, the people here open the letters up if there is anything other than paper.  How much did you send?  (We sent 50 American dollars)   Hopefully it should be ok.  I know a few people that change the dollars to Argentina money so I’m good there.  haha.

Don’t do that (send more money).  I don’t want you to lose money.  I will just have to budget my money here a little better.  The only reason I have been so good with my money is because I absolutely can’t use my card.  I also found out that I can’t use a debit card here without my DNI which is just an ID card here, but I don’t have one….. so make sure that the card you send can be used here,  for sure!  I can’t get the DNI card without an Argentine Visa and I still don’t have it.  Remember when we were applying for my visa to Argentina, I had to get fingerprinted and everything? That’s the visa I need.  I still don’t have it.  I have no idea when I’ll get it.  Once my visa comes through I’ll be able to get my DNI without any problems, but I still don’t have a visa for the 2 years.  I actually just still have the travelers VISA.  I don’t think I’m going to do anything about my credit/debit card yet. haha, I’ll just wait till it comes in.  The elders that have been out a month or two before me are getting their Argentina visa today.  So, maybe in a month or two and I will have mine.


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