Email from Ryan 2-24-2014

So this week went by super quick.  We had a pretty good week.  For the first time here I just felt like I knew what I had to do, and I knew exactly how to do it.  And I just stopped thinking and did it.  haha, its weird.

So I’ve got a crazy cool story for you guys.  So this story started a while ago.  Almost 4 weeks ago, we received a referral from a member to contact someone.  But we didn’t have a really good address.  Well to be honest we just had 2 street names, and the names of the people.  So we tried to search for them.  We ended up asking some lady if she knew who they were, and she told us she had no idea.  We asked her if we could talk to her for a little bit and she said, “I’m about to leave but any other day sure”, so the week after we stopped by and talked to her.  We really just got to know her.  She told us that her name is Cuka. Hahah, her real name is Juana but everyone calls her Cuka.  Anyway, she came to church that week.  Then this past Saturday, we felt that she was super prepared to be baptized.  She even told us in the lesson that we had, “I finally understand that I need to be baptized, I’m actually looking forward to it.  How long do I have to wait?”  So we called her and asked her.  If she felt ready, she could be baptized Sunday(yesterday), and she told us yes, but she said she wanted to talk with her son first cause he threw a huge fit when we started to teach her.  So we called the zone leaders and asked permission to baptize her earlier than normal, and they called President and got the OK.  Then we had 4 elders in the chapel this past Sunday, it was awesome.  She is super prepared.  She couldn’t talk with her son yet so she is going to get baptized this Saturday!  But it’s just crazy, she kind of just jumped from a person to convert super quick.  So we are going to have 2 baptisms here this week, Cuka and Alexis.  We are pretty much super excited about this week.  And that’s pretty much all that’s going on here.  Love you guys!

Hey mom!! No, I haven’t gotten any cards or mail in almost a month.  But that sadly is normal.  We will see if I get anything tomorrow in the zone meeting.  So I thought of one more thing that you could throw in the birthday box, a CD of Steve Martin and the steep canyon rangers. It’s all instrumental and it’s awesome and perfect if you could send that as well.  Walmart should have it, it was pretty big when it came out.  Who would have known that Steve Martin is super good at playing the banjo?!  and candy corn please.  That is so funny what happened with Ella.  That cracks me up what Caleb said too, haha. ‘not a good time dad.’ hahahaha. Tell them I say hi.  You still need to send pictures of Ella and Caleb and Jacob to me.

Sad to say but we as Elders aren’t picky in the least bit about car rides.  If someone refers to us as elders, they already know us and love us.  In Idaho, that would happen all the time.  And most of the time we were only going like a block or 2 but the people still wanted to help us out.  Here it’s different, not many members have cars.  Almost none of them have cars.  There aren’t any parking lots either.  None of the churches in Argentina have parking lots.  Elder Burke has been telling me about Elder Campbell, he isn’t too happy.  Ask Renee what she thinks of Elder Campbell, I want to hear what she says, hahaha.  This next p-day I need to write to her again. Those pictures of G-bob and Juliet are so funny.  I love you mom, have fun!!


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