Email from Ryan 3-03-2014

Hey guys!!  This week has been pretty awesome!  Transfers came and went…. And we are both still here.  So I’ve been in the same area for about 4 and a half months.  Crazy, cause in the states I didn’t stay in an area for very long.  6 weeks was the longest and 3 weeks was the shortest in one area, and now I’m here forever.  hahaha, jk.  I am pretty sure I will be transferred out this next transfer in April.  I really have gotten to love the people in this ward.  This week we had a very awesome thing happen.  We got to hear from Elder Evans.  He is the president of the missionary department.  He really came down here to help us out.  We ended up having a 4 hour meeting with him.  I got to see a couple friends that are in the north and south missions in BA.  Elder Evans talked about worthy converts.  It’s something the church really worries about down here, and they have reason to.  There are lots of missionaries that just find people and baptize them to be seen like they are working hard.  It’s terrible!  We have a huge list of recent converts, thanks to missionaries like that, and then most of them don’t want to hear from us ever again because of those missionaries.  But have no fear, that was only when the last president of the mission was here.  President Carter has really taught everyone that we need to be doing things the right way.  I kept thinking about that conference that we had with Elder Evans this week, about a few quotes that I know.  One is, “You get what you go for”, a different one that I love is from Pres Uchtdorf,  “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith” and my absolute favorite from Elder Worthlyn,  “Come what may, and love it”.  That last quote has really been a huge help for me in my life.  Life isn’t easy, and the mission isn’t easy either, but no matter what happens, just love what’s going on.  One other quote, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.   Super true!  This week was awesome for me because I had a super hard time this week, but with this knowledge it became a strength.  I’m going to get going, I love you guys so much and by the way time is flying by I’ll be home in no time. hahahaha.  Maybe for you guys it will feel like 2 years but I swear I feel like I’ve only been out for a month and it’s already been 8 and a half!

To Mom:  So to start off, I’ve lived in three states. Utah, Washington, and Idaho.  (You forgot Idaho)  I got those pictures of Jacob and Ella! She is so cute. Hey, I finally heard from Kacy and Jonathan this week.  It was awesome they both wrote me.  Hey, you should go to Nando’s this week and talk with Nathan.  He is working there again.  You need to see his new motorcycle, and send me a picture of it.  I did get the new visa card but……….. it still doesn’t work down here.  I think I’ll be fine just using what the mission gives me.  The desert schools cards are never going to work down here, sadly, but it doesn’t matter.  And hey, don’t worry about me and the money.  When I run out I run out.  Think of it as I’m investing in a weight loss solution. That’s how I think of it and I’m fine.  Also, I haven’t bought anything for my companion for a long time and lately he has bought me stuff, mostly the bus fare and everything.  I told him I would pay him back but he just told me no don’t worry about it.  Then I told him fine, if you won’t except that maybe I’ll just buy you an ice cream cone or something.  hahah.

I know the feeling of being soaked all too well in the rain.  And y´all don’t know rain until you come to Argentina.  So Clint is going to be in Arizona next week?!   What the heck?!   I swear I remember when we were talking about you guys getting ready to go to New York!  Where has the time gone?  I heard from Elder Burke the other day, he told me that Renee has been pretty sick lately.  I hope everything is ok with her, and I’m going to try and write her today.

Very sad but both of the baptisms didn’t happen.  Alexis is 9 and super ready to be baptized but his mom is always working and we can never find a day when she is home and not busy.  And the other is getting nervous.  But hey, I want to tell you what I told her last night when we had a lesson in the chapel, this is just meant to motivate anyone.  haha. I told her:  “Cuka, I want to share a picture with you.  (Think of Jesus Christ knocking on a door)  Now keep this picture in your mind.  Now Cuka, how did we find you? (Knocking on my door). And you let us in and we taught you and now you are at this door that I was talking about.  That door is baptism, and we as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ are inviting you to be baptized this Saturday, you are ready and don’t need to wait any longer.  Now this picture I was talking about, Jesus has his hand out to you saying follow me, let’s go.”   When I said that she says, “Wow, no don’t say that, now I have to do it.”  hahahahahahahaha.   Exactly what I wanted to hear.  She is just nervous because her son really doesn’t want anything to do with the church and she wants him there at the baptism.  We will see what goes on.  I love you mom!


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