Email from Ryan 3-10-2-14

So this week has been super good, bad, interesting, scary, and good again.  Let me start to explain the good.  So we have been working super hard here and sometimes we can see that it is paying off.  This week was a little hard to find new investigators.  We had been looking all week and we had 4 on Friday night and we needed 4 more before Sunday, so we started looking and found nothing for a little while.  Then we tried visiting a former investigator and ended up at the wrong house but this guy came and asked us did you boys come to work.  I just told him right away, yes we did, and we just walked right in.  hahahaha. Then we found out that they are a family of 12!!!!  How awesome is that?!  They are constructing a house, so maybe we will be able to help out.  That would be pretty fun.  Then one of the most spiritual moments on my mission happened.  This will cover the sad, scared, and super happy part that I was talking about earlier.  We have an investigator whose name is Juana.  She lives with her kids, they are all quite older now.  But it’s so sad, she is super awesome and wants to be baptized so badly, and her son keeps telling her that she needs to wait a little bit longer.  It’s been 3 weeks now that this has been happening.  All during this time their family was fighting all the time.  I’ll just say she has been thinking some really sad things that no one should ever have to think then other day we were talking about the plan of salvation and she asked us what would happen with a person that took their own life and I just about lost it.  We had a member with us that is her friend and they both were crying.   Super sad!  Then the next lesson we had with her, we had her pray on the spot with us, to ask if the 15th of March is when she needed to be baptized and she prayed and just said, ok boys, I understand now.  This Saturday for sure.  Holy cow, I literally can’t explain how cool of an experience that was. When you can see that someone has felt that spiritual feeling is just amazing.  Finally this Saturday for sure!!  woot woot!!  Anyway, Sunday was pretty crazy, it was pouring rain, and we were still teaching lessons.  One of which we sat outside in the rain and the investigator and the member inside.  hahaha.  Oh the things we have to do to follow the rules.  that’s pretty much it.  Oh and I might get my DNI in the next two weeks, hopefully.  I love you guys!!!

To Grant:

Hey man!  Hey so yeah I just now heard about the whole box deal (The mission has decided that the missionaries can no longer receive packages, it is too difficult to pick them up with the government regulations and the fees placed on the packages that the mission office has to pay and the time it takes to go to pick up the packages).  That really sucks, I hope I can get my bday box.  I got one letter from mom but I still haven’t gotten the card with all the photos.  I did finally send a letter home.  But I need more stamps from the states.  If you could send letters with stamps in them, maybe 10 or 15 that would be awesome, like every 3 months do that.  I’ll remind you too.

So maybe that was the whole problem with my visa card, that there wasn’t money in the correct place.  I have no idea.  So there is some in the savings and checking now? Which should I use?

I’m super jealous you will be in Tennessee with Clint, Litsy and Boston.  I love that area, I’ve really been thinking about all that this past week at night, where do I want to go to school? and SVU keeps looking more and more good.  I just don’t know.  haha,  it’s a good thing that I still have a while to think about that.

Alright dad, I got to get going now.  Love you, thanks for helping me out and being patient with my card and everything.  Have fun in the South!!  Take lots of photos of the area, and more of the family.

To Mom:

Mom:  Hey Ry, I have a quick break are you online?

Ryan:  Yes I am.  How are you Momma?

Mom:  I’m good!  How are you?  Are you staying healthy?

Ryan:  Healthy is an understatement.  I’m doing really good.  haha, most of the people in the office today had to look twice to see who I was.  hahahaha.  And one of the people in my ward asked me, ‘Elder Kelley, where did you go?, half of you is missing.’  hahahaha.

Mom:  That is really good that you have lost so much weight but I wish you always had money for food when you are hungry!  Or if you could have some yogurt always at your apartment like in Burn Notice, haha

Ryan:  ahhh, burn notice! I miss that show.  Geena told me how it ended a long time ago.  How is NCIS?!?!?!?!

Mom:  NCIS is good but Ziva left the show so I don’t like the new girl they replaced her with as much as I liked Kate or Ziva, she is an analyst and is not as interesting of a character as Ziva was.

Ryan:  wow.  My life is ruined now.  hahaha.  NCIS without Ziva isn’t NCIS.  Oh well.  hahahahahahah  I was thinking of all ‘the rules’ the other day.  I’ve got a few of them on the wall in the apartment. hahahaha.

Mom:  That is funny!  I’ll see if I can find a list of all the rules on the internet and send it to you along with all of Gus’s names from psych!

Ryan:  Please send those both!!, and send me a psych t-shirt if that’s possible to do.  Maybe I’ll just have to find one here…… stupid government won’t let packages come through now.

Mom:  What are you doing at the office today?

Ryan:  Dropping off mail!  I finally had a little time last week so I wrote you a letter and Elder Lopez needs to visit the dentist.  And, speaking of which, if I were to, let’s say, break a filling, what should I do?  It’s not very big.  I always keep it clean and floss and brush it.

Mom:  I didn’t even really know you had filings just those crowns!  The best thing would be to keep it clean, probably better than going to dentist there.  Which tooth is it?

Ryan:  On my left side, on the bottom, right in front of the crown.

Mom:  I’m so excited to get a letter!  Yea!

Ryan:  it’s got some really good stories in it! You’re gonna like it.


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