Email from Ryan 3-17-2014

Hey everyone!!  This week has been pretty crazy and rough.  We had a lesson with our investigator that was going to be baptized Saturday, but she ended up needing more time to really understand the things we taught her.  So now she will be baptized the 29th.  I can’t tell you how sad that moment was, to tell someone that wasn’t too crazy about her baptism at first, then changed and felt that she couldn’t wait any longer, that she couldn’t be baptized because of something she did.  Wow, seriously that just killed me inside.  I decided from that point on, I won’t keep teaching until the person understands why, and how.

This week we got a call from our zone leaders that said we need to get ourselves to Catan to talk with the president.  Elder Lopez had a quick interview with him, and now he is reassigned to this mission.  2 hours from his house! hahaha, but he says he loves it here.  It’s probably lots more safe than Venezuela!

So, something crazy that happened in the mission this week, is that in my zone we have things called key indicators.  As missionaries, they are percentages on how our work is going.  As a zone we got 95 percent of all our indicators, it’s a mission record as a zone to do so well.  It’s amazing to see how well this mission is progressing!  Today we had to wake up at 4 in the morning to go to Ramos and start working on getting my DNI so that I can actually be here legally.  It was fun, I got to see Elder Cline again.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, almost a month and a half!  We got to go fill out a ton of papers and drive all around our mission.  Well, the city part that is close.  I’ve been thinking about a saying lately, I can’t remember how it is, but something like, another day, another something that I can’t remember.  But for me it’s, another day, another 5 pounds lost.  hahahahahha.   I still am losing weight like crazy, more now than before.  I remember before I left mom and dad were telling me eat less, and when I get home they’re going to be telling me, ‘Ryan you need to eat something.’  hahahahahahaha. I’ve just really learned how to turn my stomach off, just not hunger at all for long periods of time.  It’s been interesting getting to that point with my body but it works pretty well for us.  This week we got to do service at the bishops house!  He has this hedge that he wanted cut, so we went and helped him out.  Then he said that he wanted to cut a few branches off a tree and we told him we would help out.  We got there and these branches are gigantic!  I asked him, what’s your weapon of choice for this job and he gives me a machete!  I was thinking a little more like and axe or something.  Oh well.  An hour and a half later we were all done.  I love doing service on the mission, helping people have easier lives is the best!  Well I’m gonna get going, I love you guys.

To Grant:

Ryan:  Hey man, what’s up are you online?

Grant:  Yes I am! With Boston!

Ryan:  Cool!  How is everyone doing?

Grant:  We are all good.  We are driving out to go to lunch with Clint, Litsy and Boston

Ryan:  Where are you going for lunch?

Grant:  A place that has been on the travel channel as one of the best BBQ places in the country.  And it is seriously is in a double wide.

Clint:  Hey dude, it’s Clint. Hey man what’s up?!

Ryan:  Literally it’s in a doublewide? I miss the states sooo much, and the food.  Wow!!  Hey so something funny that you’re gonna laugh is that every time that people try and guess where I’m from, the say, Brasilero?  Nope! What?!  haha, I don’t understand how they always think that I’m Brazilian.

Clint:  Not much. Just chillin with dad.  You tell them you’re Brazilian? Ha ha. Do they believe you.

Ryan:  No, they think I’m Brazilian!  They ask me if I am, they think that’s where I’m from.

Clint:  Dad wants to know about your bank card. Is it working?

Ryan:  So far no.  But I need to try taking money out of checking, I just need to find out how to say checking in Spanish.  haha.

Clint:  Don’t you use an ATM?  You can’t select English at the ATM?  Dad said he put money in checking and savings.  When was last time you tried and what did you try to withdraw?  Dad says there is $100 in savings and more in checking. He says to just try and withdraw smallest amount first.

Ryan:  No, there isn’t a selection for English.  I tried taking 300 pesos out of saving but it didn’t work.  So, I just don’t know what to do.

Clint:  Call the financial secretary at the mission office and he should be able to help!!!!!!

Ryan:  I’m. patience! (Pearl)  hahaha

Clint:  Just take out the minimum at first.

Ryan:  Ok I’ll try.  I’ve got to go eat.  I love you guys, tell everyone I say hi!

Clint:  Love you too!  Bye



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