Email from Ryan 3-24-2014 9 months out!!

So, this week has been pretty awesome here!!!  We had exchanges with the elders in Rafael Castillo, finally I left my area after 5 and a half months!!  haha, Something awesome that I got to do was go to a pharmacy and find a scale.  I have wanted to weigh myself ever since I left the states, but haven’t really been able to.  So before I left, I was an elephant!  haha, I weighed close to 300 pounds and now I weigh 225 pounds!   I’d like to see someone teaching a fitness class drop 75+ pounds in just 5 months.  hahahahahaha.  Oh the missionary life will do it for you.  We literally are walking pretty much 24/7!   hahaha, The other day, I had a pretty dumb dream.  In my dream I was trying my shoes and my shoe laces broke, I was so upset because I couldn’t walk fast like normal.  haha, How sad is that, walking is so much a part of my life now that I dream about it…….. Then Wednesday, I hit my 9 month mark!!  How crazy is that, I swear it’s been a few weeks since I left Arizona!  Then Thursday was pretty awesome, we found a family of 6!!!!!  It makes me so mad that I probably won’t be here too much longer to help them out.  I really do think I’m getting the boot this transfer.  We will see what happens.  And finally, this weekend will be the baptism that we have been working toward for a long time.

Something that we do here a little differently than all the other missionaries, missions and areas is that we don’t knock doors here, or for South America, I guess we don’t clap random doors.  Since I’ve been here, we ask the members for referrals, it’s just so much better to work this way.  It’s really become a goal, I always know who I’m going to talk to when we go out for the day.  I remember in Washington we spent hours knocking on doors and nothing came of it.  Here we spend lots of time talking with these referrals from members and the majority are really nice people.  We have a recent convert that always tells us, ‘hey I’ve been working with one of my friends and now she wants to talk to you guys.’   hahahaahahahaha.  I love when people get to that point, they can rely on us to teach people really well.  I am going to miss these members once I leave, especially the one real convert that I have here.  The only one that is still active and looking forward to doing anything and everything to help us out.  Well I’m going to get going; we have a district activity that we are going to pretty soon.  I’m going to be sending some pictures since I haven’t done that in a long time.  So be on the lookout for them.  Love you guys.

To Grant:

Grant:  Did you get your birthday box?

Ryan:  Nope

Grant:  The status showed it was delivered on Monday March 17.  Hopefully your mission office will get it to you soon!  Call them about it.  Have you received the 2 letters with money in them from me?  One had a 20 and one had a 10.  I put a date on each of the letters. They were written and mailed the same day.

Ryan:  Yes, I got both the letters!  The box I still haven’t gotten but that is because I haven’t gone to the office since last Monday.  So I was there before it got picked up .  I’ll call and ask my inside man what’s going on..hahahaha.  I know the office Elders really well.  Oh, and get this, everyone that was in my group arriving here is going to Capital Wednesday but me and my companion are going alone Thursday.  They say, ‘because Elder Kelley will be fine, we already know that’.  hahaha.

Grant:  Are you going to the Capital to get your visa?  You have lots of experience with that area.  You went there with all your trips to the hospital and therapy right?  So, how is your Spanish going now?  How about the others from your group?   Are any others paired with non-English speaking companions?

Ryan:  Yep, this Thursday I will have a 90 day extension then they will mail my DNI to the office where I can pick it up maybe in April or May.  My Spanish has improved a ton, I have gotten to the point where I don’t really need to think about the sentences beforehand, I just blurt out what comes to mind.

Grant:  I am glad that it is coming along good for you.  It really makes the mission much easier when you get a grasp on the language.  I hope your DNI card arrives soon.  Can you tell me about where and when you tried to use your debit card so I can go to the bank today and find out any info.  I also have a telephone number in Argentina that the DSFCU said you can call and they will straighten out any problems.  Let me go get the number and I will email it to you.

Ryan:  Ok cool, I will try the card today, we have time.  I think it was just that I was trying to take money out of savings.  I can always get into my account, but never get money.  it’s been a while since I’ve tried it.  I finally found a scale the other day, guess how much I weigh and how much I’ve lost!  I weigh 225 pounds!  I’ve lost almost 70 pounds!!!  Well, I’ve lost 65!

Grant:  That is really amazing Ryan!!!

Grant:  Did you get the pictures that I sent to you last night?  Mom sent some also, I think of Boston, Clint and Litsy at the Dixie stampede?  I sent 4 total. One was Boston helping himself in the fridge, one was of Boston and Mom, one was Geena and Boston and Clint in the hot tub and one with Geena, Mom and Litsy with Santa. (There was a Santa Claus convention in Gatlinburg, how great is that??)   Happy Birthday a day early!

Ryan:  Thanks dad.  hahahahaha, I was laughing really hard about the fridge one.  Boston is such a funny little dude!  hahahaha  I saw a picture of him clapping at the Dixie stampede!  haha, so he really laughs at himself while he is walking around?  Hey when do Litsy and Boston fly in?

Grant:  later tonight they get here.

Ryan:  Oh cool.  Did you get the photos that I sent?

Grant:  Yes thank you.   You look great!  I am downloading them all to send to mom so she can add them to your blog

DSCN0690 (2) DSCN0672 (2) DSCN0667 (2) DSC098284 DSCN0644 (2)


DSC098284 (2)


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