Letter received 3/31/2014 Miracles

Mom, Dad, Geena, Cinnamon and Juliet (Fatty Cathy),

Hey Guys!!  I know it’s taken a while, but I finally had a tiny bit of time to sit down and write you all a letter!  So, what’s new here…hmmm…..I finally got the Visa card you sent me, but it doesn’t work.  Oh Well!  Oh, something else that’s new is I can’t really wear any of my  slacks without a belt.  They are all gigantic on me!  My shirts too!  Haha.  There is a Hna. In the ward that I’m going to ask to help me alter the shirts.  I literally think I’ve dropped nearly 50 or 60 lbs.  I’ll try and find a scale.  My comp tells me there are a ton of pharmacies that have scales free to use.  I loved that card with Yoda and everything!!

Ok, now for some crazy miracles I’ve seen and had happen to me.  And I’ve come to learn that, for real, the Lord protects His missionaries from danger.  So, the first one is a little crazy, and know that I will never do this again!  We were walking along the road and I was basically in the bike lane (If Argentina had bike lanes…which they don’t) and my companion was walking off the road.  All of a sudden, in my mind I thought, “Hey, stupid, get off the road!” and so I thought what the heck, why not?  So I moved over and no sooner after I did that, a bus ran by right where I was standing full speed!  Like I said before, I’ve learned to only walk in the paths!  The second miracle that happened last week was super crazy, and literally I should be hurting pretty bad right now but I wasn’t hurt a bit.  I was cooking steak and talking on the phone at the same time.  Here we use a pan and oil to cook.  I put just enough oil to fill the bottom of the pan, then I put the steak in and it started to sizzle so I turned the temp way down, then I don’t know how it happened but the oil in the pan caught fire and there was a huge fireball!  I was still holding the pan!!  I felt the fire all on my face and my arms but still was holding on to the pan, then the fire stopped, I wasn’t burned by the oil or the fire!!!  There is no other way to explain it, I should have had 3rd degree burns but I wasn’t hurt at all!

Well, that’s all for this letter!  I love you guys!!  Write me back and please send more US stamps!

Elder Ryan Kelley


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