Email from 4-7-2014

What’s up everyone???!!!  Hey so this week has been pretty hard.  We didn’t have too much time this week, and with tons of rain it makes work even harder.   We have to get our boots on and just march on through the water.  It’s pretty crazy, I’ve seen people walking in water up to their waists, and some Elders have been telling me that they have seen others basically swimming.  It’s so sad because every house here has a roof made out of wood, and it just starts to decay and be dangerous because of how much water.  Something that just struck me so hard when I first got here is how blessed we are to live in nice houses.  There is a family here that I just love that doesn’t have enough money to finish their house, but they always tell me, “But it doesn’t matter, I don’t need tile on the floor, the doors don’t lock but we will never leave the house alone so it doesn’t matter.  The roof leaks but what is most important is that we are together.”

Something that just crushed me the other day was that one of my recent converts is living by herself and her 2 kids, and she always tells us that she is doing good and everything, and gives us stuff to eat every time we go by.  The other day we were eating lunch with members and they asked us if we had the number of this recent convert, and we gave it to them.  Apparently they were talking with her family that lived in Tigre, that she hasn’t had money for a few months.  She said that for 2 weeks this sister had basically not eaten anything because her kids needed food.  I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t  too happy, cause every other day we are by her house and we stop by and ask if we can help her with anything.  She always says that she is just fine, and happy.  If I had known I would have definitely bought her some food or something, I don’t know, but just saying nothing just made me so sad.  It’s just so crazy to see that people can be so happy because of the blessings they have as a family and basically no worldly possessions.

OK enough of the sad stuff, it’s sad but I have tons of stories like that, but on to some good stuff.  So, I finally can send you all the pictures of the past week or two.  I think mom or dad will put them on the blog,  (ahh, it’s still makes me a little mad that we can’t look at the mission blogs, oh well.)

I only got to watch the priesthood session of conference and Sunday morning.  The other times we were hard at work with the rain just pouring.  It makes it so hard to work, because our investigators don’t want to walk in the mud to the bus to go to church.  We have been working super hard.  One of the setbacks of all this is that I haven’t been sleeping too well, I just worry about things too much.  I think in the past few days I’ve had just a couple hours of sleep.

Also, other news is that transfers are this Wednesday, and I think I’m going to be leaving Pontevedra after 6 months!! haha, it’s a bittersweet thing.  Well, I’m going to leave it at that.  I love you guys!!

Hey mom!!  I am just about to finally go get the box today.  We are already in Ramos, but we decided to email first.  How is work going these days?  I saw the picture that they took of you, it looks awesome and the photo of Juliet is just so funny.  I wish I could hang out with you guys for a little while, I want to see Boston laugh at himself walking.  Sadly, I still haven’t gotten the letter with all the pictures in it.

Hey, so are you guys still planning on coming down here when I get done?  Did you know it’s like almost time to start planning that trip?  hahahaha, I know you like to plan lots of time in advance.  Can you believe that it will be a year in June?!?!  Not gonna lie, I miss when we would just watch TV together and go to sonic with Juliet.

Elder Bednar’s talk was awesome yesterday, I loved it so much.

Ok mom I’m gonna get going, I love you!


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