Email from Ryan 4-14-2014 10 months and new companion

Hey guys!!  So this week has been pretty eventful!  We had transfers again, and I got sent to Ramos Mejia.  I’m in the ward that’s called, Los Pinos.  hahaha, or ‘the pines’ in English.  It’s a pretty rich area, in comparison to Pontevedra.  But then again, everything is rich in comparison to Pontevedra.  (The cross streets are Cristiania and Martin Fierro in Buenos Aires, La Matanza in Los Pinos but I have no idea of any kind of address.  We live in a super nice pench, the only bad thing is that it is freezing cold always!!!!!!  And we don’t have a heater.  The offices ordered a ton but they still haven’t gotten here! But lucky thing is that Elder Gonzalez gave me his sleeping bag before he left, so that has been keeping me warm at night.  hahaha.   I’ve actually got a lot more stuff at reach now.  We have a place called dia.  It’s a store that is pretty good.  The prices are low and they have a ton of stuff.  It’s cheaper than my other area, which is just a shocker for me.   So if I need to, I can buy a heater but I’m ok for now.)

So Monday, I finally got the birthday boxes that you guys sent!!  And I just want to say, thank you!!!!!!!!!!  The little speaker thing is awesome, hahahhahaha, and when I heard Phineas and Ferb playing I just about died!! (I loved that little thing!  Can you send me all the piano guys on it too?  I’m pretty sure Geena has all of them, if not just ask someone in church, they are bound to have it.   If you could fill an SD card with Mormon Tabernacle choir that would be awesome.)  And the ties, jacket, and chocolate, it’s all just awesome.  (Everything in the box was awesome!!  The pants are a little big around the waist but a little short on the length. haha, I’ll never be able to wear anything that actually fits me. hahahaha.)

So when we were watching the transfer video, it’s so awesome, everyone goes crazy.  When we first saw that Elder Dahl went Zone Leader in Ramos and then me in Los Pinos, as District Leader.  I was just pretty much blown away.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  haha, I’m really hoping that I’ll know what to do.

We had a baptism this weekend in Los Pinos!!!  There is this nice old lady called Silvia, she got baptized Saturday but couldn’t come Sunday.  I guess she took the wrong bus and ended up super far away.  Then she was about to call us and she dropped her phone and it broke!  She was so sad.  We went by her house right after church and she was crying so much, she told us that she wanted to be there so much but literally couldn’t make it.  She is just so awesome.

So my new companion is Elder Flores.  He was born in Peru, but lived in Montreal, Canada for all his life.  So he speaks fluent Spanish, French, and English.  But we just speak Spanish in the pench.  It’s been pretty cool, we are two big dudes, and nobody wants to get in our way. hahaha.  That is something that someone in my last area asked me, hahaha, he asked, “Elder Kelley, were you in the military before your mission? Cause your just a tank man.” hahahahahaha. I guess it’s true, I am a pretty big dude, I just need to get rid of my little gut that I’ve got and put some more muscle on, and I’m set. hahahaha. Elder Flores has been on the mission for 3 months now.  He is pretty new.  hahhahaha. It’s so crazy that I can say that now, oh now that I’m thinking about it I’ve been out 10 months now!!!! How crazy is that!!  I love you guys see you next week!!


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