Email from Ryan 4-21-2014

Hey guys!  How is everyone doing?! I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a pretty bad week here.  It is so extremely hard to find people to teach here.  It’s so different from my last area.  I hate this feeling that I don’t know where to go to do things anymore.  I’m hoping within a week or two I’ll know what I’m doing more, and more people to visit.  So we have been working with a few people here but not nearly as many as in Catan.  That is really what we are going to focus on this week.  (My companion is new to the area also so he doesn’t know the area either)

So, for the first time in my life I had shepherds pie here.  It was awesome! Then the day after a different family gave us the same thing.

It’s so weird, here it’s semana santa (Holy Week), which means all the people (Catholics) don’t eat meat Friday until Monday. But this tradition was adopted by everyone… no one eats red meat, just fish or something else.  Oh and everyone gets drunk, like wasted drunk. That’s what we encountered most.

We watched something pretty funny happen this week. hahaha, we were laughing pretty hard.  We were walking in the street like normal, and this dog just runs past us straight to this dirty diaper that is lying on the ground.  The dog grabs it, and runs!  But that wasn’t all, the dog was like prancing away, like it found like the best food in the world. hahahaha. And I just said, “wow, this dog really likes chocolate apparently!” hahahahaha. Then something crazy that happened yesterday was we were walking to lunch, and we saw a car accident.  Probably like my 5 or 6th accident that I’ve seen since I got on my mission.  Everybody was ok, and walking after.  No one here calls the police, unless someone can’t walk away.  No one exchanges insurance, because no one has it.

We had a really good lunch with a family that has a daughter serving in Columbia.  So, that was pretty much how my week went.  How have you guys been? Oh, so I lost another 5 pounds this week. haha.  I just weighed myself the other day.  I like this whole do nothing more than normal and lose lots of weight diet, it works pretty well.   hahahaha. I love you guys.

Hey mom, how is it going?  No, I still haven’t gotten a heater yet, but it’s warmed up quite a bit here.  And sleeping I’m just fine, it’s just when I have to get out of bed. hahaha. I wish I could write later so you would be at lunch when I email, but it’s impossible with all the things we have to do every pday.

So, I don’t have too much time but I wanted to share something with you really quick that no one else has heard yet.  Yesterday we went to visit a sick old lady, that the missionaries before have been trying to find a way to visit her since we can’t go alone (since she doesn’t have any men who live there with her).  But finally, after 3 months, we found a way to visit her with someone.  She has terminal cancer, but she doesn’t know yet that it’s terminal.  She can’t get out of bed now.  When we entered through the door you could just feel something so different.  She was so happy to be able to have the missionaries in her house again.  All she wanted is that we could say a prayer with her.  Nothing else.  Seriously, there are times that we can just feel the presence of the Spirit so much, and this was one of those times.  It makes such a huge effect on everyone to be able to feel that.

Elder DJ (my MTC companion from Australia), is in Aldo Bonzi now, I see him every now and then.  Elder Cline got sent to Campo, almost 8 hours from here.  So I won’t see him for a while.  haha.

I love you mom!


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