Email from Ryan 4-28-2014

Hey guys!  How are you all doing?! This week has been pretty interesting to say the least.  I had exchanges with the zone leaders here.  It went pretty well.  We worked super hard.

I just about killed my legs doing exercises the other day.  We live in an apartment that is on the third floor, and there are tons of stairs, so I thought, hey, I’m just gonna run up and down the stairs for a little while.  Super bad idea, my calves were killing me all this week, but maybe cause I was running up and down stairs for like 20 minutes straight!! haha.

So, we found tons of new people to teach this week, including one who is a pretty cool dude, his name is Paolo Robinson Dos Santos.  haha, he is from Brasil, so he has an awesome accent in Spanish.  We had a lesson with him and at the end we gave him a book of Mormon.  And that same night, he went around to all of his friends saying, “look what the elders gave me, I’ve got a book of Mormon!!” I’m getting baptized the 24th!!  haha, he is way cool.  We are teaching some pretty interesting people, but this week we found lots of people that we don’t ever need to visit again.  Along with finding lots of members that are less active that are just so nice.  I don’t know why elders here before never went to visit any less actives.  it makes me so sad, I really think that is why I went to the mission in the States first, so I could learn that the members in the church that are less active need the missionaries just as much as people that are investigating the church.

Oh it made me so sad, one of my converts emailed me today, but because she lives in the mission, I can’t receive her emails, it makes me super sad.

Well, I’ll see you guys later.  I love you all!!

So I found this form in our area book.  So what it is, is the reason that missionaries don’t visit this person anymore.  Put it in a translator and laugh!!!


Hey mom!!!!!  Hey, I’ve got a favor to ask you, but I think you’ll like it.  So one of my converts started emailing me, but because it’s a rule, I can’t write her back, so I was thinking maybe you could.  Google has a super easy translator that you just type what you want to say and it will put it in Spanish, and the other way around.  I’m gonna send you her email so that you can write her and tell her I say hi, and that I want to write her but I can’t. I know you liked emailing Renee, so maybe you can learn to write Spanish with Yizel.  haha.

So I finally got your letter, I am just about to read it.  I just heard about all the changes in the ward, I can’t believe that.  Hey dad told me that Jake Dana, got his call to Argentina!!  I can’t believe that you still have the same calling.  haha, tell Bishop you and dad want to be ward missionaries.  That would be awesome.

I’m doing pretty good, I’m actually having a lot of fun now.  I now have a companion that understands English. haha, it’s been a while, but it’s funny.  We laugh about everything pretty much.   We are two huge dudes and we are just working like crazy in Ramos Mejia.

I hope dad shows you all the pictures I sent.

Hey. so when you email Yizel, put this in the email.  “Yo soy la mama de Elder Kelley.  Me Dijo que no puedo escribirle directamente, supestamente es una regla, pero yo puedo, entonces voy a enviar que el me envio. y usted puede enviar cartas a mi email, y voy a enviarlos a elder kelley.” You can also use google translator.

Ok, I’ve got to get going, I love you mom!!



Ryan and his new birthday tie.




Ryan’s new apartment


April baptism and his first in Ramos Mejia    Ryan and Elder Flores


Making food at his apartment.  I think he wanted to show us that he is eating!



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