Email from Ryan 5-12-14

Hey guys!!!!

This week was pretty awesome! and a little crazy.  So we didn’t really have much time this week at all, but we did really well, like half the time of a normal week and we did better than normal, so this week, with all the time in the world, I’m pretty excited.  Something cool that we did this week, is teach a bunch of skater kids.  haha. Elder Coronado, my companion, is a professional skater in Chile!!  He has won a ton of competitions.  We were walking the other day and he tells me, hey Elder Kelley, let’s go teach these kids.  There were about 8 or 9 kids skating in the street doing some tricks.  So my companion says, “Hey, anyone want to play a game of SKATE?”  And everyone started to laugh, and said, “This Mormon is crazy,” and one kid says, “Yeah I’ll play you.”  So he started doing tricks and lots of stuff.  He ended up winning and all these kids were like, WOW!!  Haha, we ended up teaching them a lesson afterwards.  After that, my companion tells me that he met other skaters and baptized like 5 of them doing that in a different area.  These kids are really cool.

So now a little bit of the crazy, that same day, we were going to talk to a member about their neighbor, and start teaching him, but she told us that she didn’t know if he was home because there was a shooting in a supermarket by her house.  I guess a few people tried to rob the store and someone from the police was there and ended up shooting the person robbing the store.  And when we found all these skaters, one of them said, did you see what happened in the super market today? and we told him, yeah we heard about it.  And he said, “That kid that they shot is my cousin.”  Wow, poor kid, it’s just so sad, there are so many kids doing so many bad things here.  Then Saturday we got to go to a baptism that Elder Coronado had in Moreno, so we got to travel a little bit, its almost 2 hours from where we are.  We took a bus to Ramos, then a train to Moreno, then another bus to finally get to the church in Moreno.  All the people there were converts of Elder Coronado, almost literally, the bishop and one of the young women that was there were members before, but the other 10 to 15 members were people that he had taught there! it’s crazy, and they are all just awesome! Then Sunday we got to talk on skype!!  So that was pretty awesome.

Ok, so that was pretty much my week.  I’ll talk to you all next week!!

To Grant:

No, we have not bought food yet today, we just paid the rent, electricity and water then went to email you all.  That’s where we are right now, but after we are going to buy food.  We are also going to go to the offices, Elder Coronado needs to go to the bank, and I think I’m going to try to withdraw a little bit of money from the bank.  From which place do I do it? Checking or savings?   How much can I take out?  I’d rather have the cash hidden in the apartment just in case the banks don’t have money again.  It seems to happen all the time.


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