Email from Ryan 5-5-14

Hey guys!!

This week has been pretty interesting.  So early this week went pretty normal, Elder Flores and I have been working really hard.  Tuesday, we got home, planned, then I had to make all the calls to my district, like normal.  Then after, like normal, I talked with the ZL´s about how the district is doing and then they told me, and now transfer calls.  And I was just like, what?! Then he said, Elder Kelley, is going to continue working in Los Pinos, and Elder Flores, is leaving with all his bags.  I was just like what?!?!?!?!  So, Wednesday we left for Ramos Mejía in the morning.  I guess a few new Elders arrived in the mission, so they had to split them up.  So, now I’m with Elder Coronado, he is just about to die in the mission.  He has been out 22 months now.  He only has 2 transfers left.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stay here in this area, I really like it.  I’m hoping that Elder Coronado and I will get to stay here till he goes and then for me, one more transfer, and then I’ll go, I’m ok with that.  We will see how it goes.

Hahahahahahaha, so something that I didn’t know about this area is that we have a monkey that lives here.  We were walking to an appointment the other day, and this monkey was on a leash, and it was screaming at us.  Hahaha, I told Elder Coronado, that he should shake its hand.  It doesn’t have claws, but it’s got some crazy looking teeth.  The other day we were walking home, and it was on the top of a car sun bathing.  hahahaha. I have never seen a monkey like that before. hahaha. So now, anytime, we can we walk on that road to see el mono. hahahah. They named it Moni.   Moni el mono.  hahaha. Ok, I will write you guys next week, I love you!

Hey mom,

I’ve got some extra time so i wanted to write you today!!   So, I think I already answered one of your questions in my email to everyone. I still have no idea when I will be calling Sunday, I’m hoping to do it right after church because afterwards I have to go to San Justo to interview someone.  So, I don’t know still, but I’ll try and do it around 1 or 2 my time.  That will probably be the only time that I can do it, or super late at night.  I still need to find someone that I can use their computer, but I’ve got a few people in mind.

So you want to know if I’ve gotten over my eating things, I can’t remember what they are called, yes I eat just about anything now.  The other day, a lady gave us sandwiches that had tomatoes and lots of other stuff, I’m not a fan of it, but I ate it.  Things like peppers and onions I have gotten over.  We had Mexican tacos the other day, and the lady asked if I wanted peppers, and I said, yes!!, because there isn’t spicy food here, so the Mexicans are the only ones that can give me spicy food.  They were super hot peppers! haha, but it was really good, I just needed to drink something after.  I’m still not a big fan of fruit.  That, I’m not going to get over.  But veggies don’t bother me anymore.  Hey, I had shepherds pie for the first time a few weeks ago and it was super good, you need to find out how to cook it, if you don’t already know.

(We sent pictures of Hailey and told Ryan that she still loves him and calls him her favorite Kelley and was worried he was missing all the parties back home and Easter Egg hunting) Hailey cracks me up, she is so funny.

Hey, also it isn’t June 2nd that I’ll be coming home, it’s a little bit longer, in July sometime. I was looking at the transfers, I will go home on a Wednesday, I just can’t remember which one. It’s either the first Wednesday in July or the second I think.  I’ll see and write it down so that you can have the date, for reals.



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