Email from Ryan 5/19/14

Hey guys!!

This week has been pretty chill, we didn’t do too much.  The most important is that we have an investigator who is almost ready to get baptized! He has quit smoking and drinking.  And now all he needs to do is get interviewed which we tried to do yesterday but he didn’t show up!!  So we still don’t know what happened, the bad part is that he doesn’t have a phone we can call!

It’s started to get colder here.  I’m liking it more or less.  I just don’t like that my hands are always freezing.  haha, but other than that, it’s all good.

So we have got transfers again this week.  I can’t believe that time just keeps going faster and faster.   I’m really hoping nothing changes in this area, I love being here with Elder Coronado.  We get along really well, and we teach even better.  hahahaha.  I’ve really started to just love these members here, they are just so nice.

So something a little weird is going to happen this next transfer, it will only be 4 weeks instead of 6.  Then the new mission president arrives and we have a transfer of 8 weeks with the 2 presidents together! That is going to be quite awesome.

Ok, that’s about all that’s going on this week.


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