Email from Ryan 5/26/14

Hey guys!  This week has been pretty awesome! We had lots of our investigators in church this week!  We worked a ton this week, I’ve barely been finding time to do anything, including today!  Ok, well this email is going to be quite a bit shorter than normal because I don’t have too much time today.

So, this week we saw some awesome things happening with some people we are teaching.  One was quite awesome.  There is a lady that we are teaching who has a son that is 16, he is a member but the she still isn’t because she is living with her boyfriend.  But, for the first time since I’ve been here, she came to church, and everyone went and said hi, and asked how she was, where she was, all that.  She ended up crying during Sacrament meeting.  She told us that she is going to push her boyfriend to get married, apparently he just doesn’t have the papers right now.  So we will see.  She is just super excited about coming to church, and she really wants to get baptized, she is basically a member, just not baptized.  Ok, well I’m going to get going, sorry about the super short letter but we have lots of work to do.  Love you all!!

Ryan:  hey are you online?

Karen:  How are you?  I’m excited to email back and forth today and next week!

Ryan:  Good because I’ve got some good time this week, we didn’t use all our emailing time last week!!  How are you mommy?

Karen:  Good, did you see all the pictures I sent?  They are fun.  How are you?

Ryan:  I’m good, just a little cold.  How was Geena’s graduation?!?!  Yes I did, they are awesome!!!

Karen:  Are you writing Pres. Carter?  There was a picture of him on the website walking around a courtyard area while reading and Sister Carter said it takes him 9 hours to read all the missionaries emails each week so sometimes he walks while he does it!  9 hours!  Just for that part of being a mission pres.

Ryan:  Yeah, I write him every week, if not, the assistants call and ask me why I didn’t write him. Haha

Karen:    Can you send me your letter to him?  I would love to see what you write to him.  Have they called you before to ask?  Did you forget before or you just know people who have so you know what happens.

Ryan:  Once I thought I sent one, but it didn’t go through because the internet was slow and they called me….but yeah I’ll send you what I write him .

Karen:  That probably does happen because of bad internet service.  I’m glad they call to check on you!  Did your district or zone change much with the last transfer?   Have you asked people about fixing your suits yet?  Maybe where you do the laundry knows someone.

Ryan:  Yeah, all the sisters in my district got taken out except one.   I’ll ask about finding someone for my suits.

Karen:  How are you doing with being a district leader now that you’ve done it for a while?

Ryan:   I’m not a big fan of it but hey, it’s fun getting to know everyone’s investigators, but the rest I don’t like too much.  But I’ve gotten used to it.

Karen:  Why don’t you like it, more paperwork?  More missionary problems?

Ryan: This is what I just wrote president. “Hey President! This week went pretty well, we were pretty happy.  This week we really saw miracles happen, we were trying so hard to get our investigators to church this week.  And to do so, we started talking with a ton of members during the whole week about people they could invite to church this week.  And it really paid off, the members brought lots of people to church.  I’m pretty excited about this transfer, we are going to work super hard.  Elder Coronado and I have been working really well together, I feel like I’m learning a ton from him, he is a very effective teacher.  I loved the message in the sol this week, it’s so true, we all need to be ready to be leaders.  I totally understand the part of, some people are called as leaders to progress.  And that really is the way all callings are in the church, to help us progress.  We are looking forward to an awesome month in June!”

Karen:  I think you should always send me your letters to him!

Ryan:  Ok, got to go, love you mom!!!!


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