Email from Ryan 6/02/14

Hey, hey, hey!!  haha, how are you guys?!?!  This week has been pretty crazy with lots of changes.  To start off, they took me out of my area, and put me back in Gonzalez Catan!!  So that was pretty weird.  We were doing all of our calls Friday night and then they told us that I was leaving, just like that.  So I spent all that night packing, and the weird thing is, we are in a weird transfer, like it’s only 4 weeks long, and transfers just happened last Wednesday! and they will happen again in 2 weeks!  Oh well, so I am now in Rafael Castillo Central.  It’s pretty funny, when I was in Catan before I went on exchanges in this area, so I already know some of the members before I even got here.  My new companion is Elder Toledo, he has been out for a long time, and he only has 5 months left.  The members in this ward are awesome, there is actually one guy in our ward that is into computers and games and that kind of stuff, it’s way cool!  His house is awesome, it’s full of computers and games and all that good stuff.  So other than that nothing too crazy has been happening.  How is life in the United States going?


Ryan:  Hi Mom!!!!  How are you?


Karen:  I’m good, how are you doing?


Ryan:  Good!  Hey some crazy stuff happened last week, and now I’m back in Catan!!  Crazy huh?  I’m actually back in my same district.  Now I’m in the area, Rafael Castillo Central.  It’s like right next to my last area. haha, I didn’t move too far.


Karen:  Are you happy about the move?  I was happy you were in a more safe area of the mission!  Are you still a District Leader?


Ryan:  I have no idea why they did the changes.  I’m bittersweet about the change, I really loved my last district and my last area and all the members.  I’m still about in as nice of an area as Los Pinos, so it’s not really part of Catan, they just call it that since it’s in the zone.  No, I’m not district leader anymore, but I’m alright with that.


Karen:   Where is Elder Coronado?  When did you switch?  Who is your new companion and how long has he been out?


Ryan:  Elder Coronado is in Los Pinos still, we switched Saturday morning.  My new comp is Elder Toledo, he has only 5 months left in the mission.


Karen:  That is so crazy!!  I wonder why they switched at such a weird time?  Where did Elder Toledo’s companion go?


Ryan:  Home I think, he had served in 4 different missions and already passed his 2 year mark and because of problems with his visa he couldn’t leave until now.  haha, crazy huh.  I guess his family was at the airport and everything and he never got there that day.


Karen:  That is weird!     And, go buy some food!  Haha    How did he serve in 4 different missions?  Wow?    They must pick you to move around because you just get along with everyone and are happy to do whatever they want you to do.


Ryan:  Yep, I’m always happy with everyone, I don’t know, I just don’t like to have problems so I’ll do whatever needs to be done.  Ok mom, I got to go, I love yo


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