Email from Ryan 6/09/14

Hey guys!  This week has been pretty awesome.  Elder Toledo and I have been working pretty hard.  We are seeing some really good progression in our investigators.  So something awesome that happened this week, I’m gonna share 2 stories.  The first is that we found a guy named Juan on Wednesday.  Then Saturday, we went to teach him again but this time we taught his girlfriend too, and she is awesome.  She told us that his problems can only be solved by God and she told us that it isn’t a coincidence that we found him.  They both are doing awesome.  She opened her heart up to us, and told us everything that was worrying her and everything that she wants to do better, like we only asked 1 question and boom, she told us everything that a missionary needs to help someone out.  They are a family of 5, and hopefully in about a month or two, 4 will be baptized, but they need to get married first so we are working on that.

Ok, now the second story.  So since I got here, Elder Toledo and I have put our heads together and decided to start working with some less active members that we both like.  So we just started to stop by their house for a few minutes every other day or so, and just kept inviting them to church and yesterday, their whole family came to church, after years of not going.  We asked them why, and they told us that they felt like they were abandoned until we decided to stop by.  I’m not gonna lie, it is one of the best feelings in the world to see people you love so much changing their lives.  Ok well, I’m gonna leave this email at that.

I love you guys!  NOS VEMOS!!!

Hey mom, so I don’t have too much time, I ran out of time switching files around and reading a billion emails.  hahah.  But 1 thing, James in Spanish is Santiago,  not ya-mes.  (So Maddie is not saying James in Spanish) hahaha.   And another thing, I promise I will email you something longer next week, I love you mom!!!!

This is my email to president this week:   “Hey President! This week has been awesome! I can’t even begin to tell you how many miracles we have seen this week, it was just like it wouldn’t stop. haha.  I think about 10 times this week, we have found ourselves in the right place at the right time to find people that were just waiting to hear the gospel!  I feel like my animo this week has just been awesome.  It all started to change after the last interview we had right when we had flashes. I just decided that every morning I’m going to get up and know what I have to do, and do it in the way I know it should be done.  Work with every bit of energy I have to do my best and use my faith to make up for the rest.  I want to thank you so much for always giving me advice in how I can get better, how I can do better.


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