Email from Ryan 6-30-2014

Hey guys!!!  This week has been pretty awesome and super sad at the same time.  We have been teaching some really cool people.  One who is called Marisol.  She is really funny.  We joke a ton, her daughter calls me Mickey, I have no idea why.  Her daughter was baptized last month, and she is going to get baptized in July.  She finally got separated from her terrible boyfriend, so now she can.  It was just so funny, she knows she wants to get baptized.  I think it was Wednesday, we just said, ‘hey Mari, how about you getting baptized this weekend’, and she just said, yes, what do I need to do.  We explained that she can’t be living with anyone without being married, so she just said, ‘I am going to do everything I can to get rid of him.’ hahahahahahaha.  So funny.  Also one other funny thing that has happened here is that all the members and our investigators call me Elder Killer.  It’s because I’ve got on my black trench coat, and my glasses that change to black and a bag that they say has a gun. hahahahaha. President carter and his wife left Argentina yesterday.  Now President Robertson and his wife are here in Argentina.  I got to see a picture of them, they are young.  We will see when I get to meet them, I’m super excited for them.

Ok I’ve got to get going, I’m going to look for a jersey here, I guess there is a place that sells some really good knock offs for about 12 dollars here.  Love you guys!!!!

Hey mom!!!  So yeah I’ve have a pretty crazy mission, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Something I’ve learned since I got to Argentina is that this life is specifically meant for us.  Like, the things that will happen in my life will be difficult, because Heavenly Father knows my weaknesses and knows that I can overcome them, so much that they will become my strengths.  It’s something that we try and teach all of our investigators, because life here in Argentina is really bad, I’m not gonna lie.

The people we are teaching now are very awesome, but have such tragedies in their lives and they can’t understand how that can happen and be that Heavenly Father wants that.  It’s something that we are always trying to help.

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of Elder Cox or Elder Wong.  It was a very hard time in the mission that I wasn’t feeling too happy.  I didn’t take many pictures at all, and I only had 3 weeks with them.  Elder Wong has been in Hong Kong since February.  Elder Ebmeyer has been out about 18 months now, Elder Cox has the same time in the mission that I do, Elder Burke goes home in September, Elder Gonzalez left in May, Elder Lopez is now in Merlo, Elder Florez is now in Moreno, Elder Coronado goes home in a month, and Elder Toledo goes home in 3 and a half months.  All my companions are going to die soon. hahahaha.  In the mission life span, is what I’m talking about.

We are teaching some really cool people now, which I will talk about in my letter to everyone. Oh hey, I’ll send you the Facebook of Sister Carter next week, I have her name in my last planner.  Or maybe you already friended her.  We have to visit them some time.  They live in Florida, in a huge house.  hahahaha.  Ok, I’m going to write the letter to everyone, I love you mom!!!!

Ryan:  Hey guys you online?

Grant:  Yes. I am online.

Ryan:  Are you already at work or still at home?

Grant:  I was getting ready to go into work, but will email you while online before going into work.

Ryan:  Ok, I’ve only been on like 20 minutes so I still have an hour left.  I saw the pics that Geena sent me of you and her and Boston.  Hey that is super sad that Nancy passed away.  I can’t believe that.

Hey when was the last time you rode your bike? Like the pedal one?

Grant:  before you left. I need to get it out and start riding again. I have lost some weight this past two weeks and in the next couple weeks I hope to be a little less heavy so I can ride.

​Ryan:  Did Clint take his bike back to Tennessee or is it still at the house?​

Grant:  we took his bicycle back the same time we took the nighthawk back to him. mom wants to get you bike when you get back so you can ride with me.

Ryan:  Sounds good to me.  I was thinking about that one that was in Walmart.  I don’t know if you still remember it or not, but I remember that it wasn’t too expensive. I think I’ll ride that thing every day.

Grant:  I remember that one, but I have never seen it there again. Mom has been checking out some really nice ones on craigslist, but it is best to check them out in person and see how it feels to you as far a top tube height and frame geometry.  So, is it nice and cool there now?  Do they do cool fireworks there during the world cup as your country plays?

Ryan:  Yeah they do fireworks, shoot their guns, whatever they have they just light it on fire.

Grant:  That is wild! Be safe out there!

Ryan:  Yeah, we are always in the house when they play.  It’s a rule that we can’t leave.

Grant:  that is good


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