Email from Ryan 7-7-2014

Hey guys what’s up?!?  This week has been pretty crazy, first of all President Robertson and his family got to the mission.  Then Thursday we got to have interviews with the president.  So that was awesome.  So funny times, the first thing he says to me is, “What’s new ping-pong Kelley.”  hahahaha, I will never be able to ditch that name in the mission.  He told me that when he was with President Carter they were looking at a board that has all the pictures of all the missionaries in the mission.  And he was pointing a few missionaries out and he points at mine and says, this one I call ping-pong Kelley.  Then President Carter told him the whole story and what happened.  After that, President Robertson told me that he knows more about me than any other missionary here.

After the interviews they introduced themselves and bought us McDonald’s!  It’s the first time I’ve had it since I left for the mission, maybe even longer than that, I’m not the biggest fan.  It’s actually decent here. The meat is lots better, not so crappy, haha. Then Friday was just awesome, we got to go to the temple with some of our investigators.  It’s a couple we have been teaching. The lady is a member and the guy isn’t, and we are trying to help them get married.  We went to the temple and talked a lot, took them on a tour outside the temple and everything.  He loved it.  Then we ran into some members that we knew and the member says, “When I decided to get baptized, I made the best choice of my life, I hope you will be able to make the same choice, and be as happy as I am.”  And our investigator said, “I’m looking forward to it.”  It will be awesome.  hahaha, so awesome.  Then Saturday, I helped a family installing LED light strips on a few desks they have, it was pretty fun.  I had to make a few circuits and everything, I totally forgot how much I love working with electronics.

Then Sunday the Carranza family had all their family come to see their new baby Pedro get blessed, the chapel filled up entirely!!!  It helps that the Carranza family has like 60 people. hahahahaa. And they all live in my old ward, Los Pinos.  So I got to catch up with them for a little while.  So something awesome is that we get to watch the world cup semifinals this Wednesday!!  President Robertson is Awesome!!!  Ok, I got to get going, I’m gonna send a ton of pictures now.  I love you guys!!

Hey mom!!  Hey I heard that you and dad taught Alex and his wife.  Good job!!!!  Ya’ll are missionaries.  hahaha.  Hey, so I got to have an interview with president Robertson! he and his family are awesome.  I’ll write a little bit more about that in my other letter.

I’m jealous that you got to see Phillip Phillips and the Senators.  I never heard of them but, I do like bluegrass.  haha. We get to watch the game this Wednesday!!!!  Hey you need to watch a video on youtube called Vamos Argentina.  It really shows how the people are down here.

Hey I’m gonna send you some pictures right now.  I’m going to a member’s house today to find out how to make dulce de leche.  We will make it when I get back home!!!  Hey can you send me a recipe for waffles?

Ok, I’ve got to write lots of emails so I’m gonna get going, I’m in a little bit of a hurry.  I love you mom, got to go!!

Hey root for Argentina this Wednesday!!!!!   I’ll send you the rest of the pictures next week!!!  love you!


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