President and Sister Robertson Ryan’s new mission president


President and Sister Robertson[3]

From Sister Carter’s mission website:  President Robertson was born into a large Southern family of 9 children. He served his mission in Recife, Brazil and graduated from BYU where he met his wife, Julie.  Shortly after they met, they were married in the Los Angeles Temple in California, where Julie was born and raised.  He currently works for the Church as an Area Controller in the South America North West Area.

They have 7 children, three of which are married, and are happily awaiting their 5th grandchild due in July. They will be arriving to the mission with their three youngest, Nicole (17), Dallas (15) and Dallin (9), pictured to the left with their mom. Their daughter Casey, who will be joining them later in Argentina, is serving her mission in Kiev Ukraine, Russian speaking. They have lived in various states in the United States, Brazil, Portugal and Guatemala and currently reside in Lima, Peru.  They enjoyed being session directors for one of the first EFY programs in Peru and have a great love for the youth and young adults of the Church! We have miles to go before we rest, and we are looking forward to the remaining part of our journey. In the meantime, we now know who will take the baton and carry on the tradition of the best mission in the world here in Argentina Buenos Aires Oeste.   


Email from Ryan 4-28-2014

Hey guys!  How are you all doing?! This week has been pretty interesting to say the least.  I had exchanges with the zone leaders here.  It went pretty well.  We worked super hard.

I just about killed my legs doing exercises the other day.  We live in an apartment that is on the third floor, and there are tons of stairs, so I thought, hey, I’m just gonna run up and down the stairs for a little while.  Super bad idea, my calves were killing me all this week, but maybe cause I was running up and down stairs for like 20 minutes straight!! haha.

So, we found tons of new people to teach this week, including one who is a pretty cool dude, his name is Paolo Robinson Dos Santos.  haha, he is from Brasil, so he has an awesome accent in Spanish.  We had a lesson with him and at the end we gave him a book of Mormon.  And that same night, he went around to all of his friends saying, “look what the elders gave me, I’ve got a book of Mormon!!” I’m getting baptized the 24th!!  haha, he is way cool.  We are teaching some pretty interesting people, but this week we found lots of people that we don’t ever need to visit again.  Along with finding lots of members that are less active that are just so nice.  I don’t know why elders here before never went to visit any less actives.  it makes me so sad, I really think that is why I went to the mission in the States first, so I could learn that the members in the church that are less active need the missionaries just as much as people that are investigating the church.

Oh it made me so sad, one of my converts emailed me today, but because she lives in the mission, I can’t receive her emails, it makes me super sad.

Well, I’ll see you guys later.  I love you all!!

So I found this form in our area book.  So what it is, is the reason that missionaries don’t visit this person anymore.  Put it in a translator and laugh!!!


Hey mom!!!!!  Hey, I’ve got a favor to ask you, but I think you’ll like it.  So one of my converts started emailing me, but because it’s a rule, I can’t write her back, so I was thinking maybe you could.  Google has a super easy translator that you just type what you want to say and it will put it in Spanish, and the other way around.  I’m gonna send you her email so that you can write her and tell her I say hi, and that I want to write her but I can’t. I know you liked emailing Renee, so maybe you can learn to write Spanish with Yizel.  haha.

So I finally got your letter, I am just about to read it.  I just heard about all the changes in the ward, I can’t believe that.  Hey dad told me that Jake Dana, got his call to Argentina!!  I can’t believe that you still have the same calling.  haha, tell Bishop you and dad want to be ward missionaries.  That would be awesome.

I’m doing pretty good, I’m actually having a lot of fun now.  I now have a companion that understands English. haha, it’s been a while, but it’s funny.  We laugh about everything pretty much.   We are two huge dudes and we are just working like crazy in Ramos Mejia.

I hope dad shows you all the pictures I sent.

Hey. so when you email Yizel, put this in the email.  “Yo soy la mama de Elder Kelley.  Me Dijo que no puedo escribirle directamente, supestamente es una regla, pero yo puedo, entonces voy a enviar que el me envio. y usted puede enviar cartas a mi email, y voy a enviarlos a elder kelley.” You can also use google translator.

Ok, I’ve got to get going, I love you mom!!



Ryan and his new birthday tie.




Ryan’s new apartment


April baptism and his first in Ramos Mejia    Ryan and Elder Flores


Making food at his apartment.  I think he wanted to show us that he is eating!


Email from Ryan 3-24-2014 9 months out!!

So, this week has been pretty awesome here!!!  We had exchanges with the elders in Rafael Castillo, finally I left my area after 5 and a half months!!  haha, Something awesome that I got to do was go to a pharmacy and find a scale.  I have wanted to weigh myself ever since I left the states, but haven’t really been able to.  So before I left, I was an elephant!  haha, I weighed close to 300 pounds and now I weigh 225 pounds!   I’d like to see someone teaching a fitness class drop 75+ pounds in just 5 months.  hahahahahaha.  Oh the missionary life will do it for you.  We literally are walking pretty much 24/7!   hahaha, The other day, I had a pretty dumb dream.  In my dream I was trying my shoes and my shoe laces broke, I was so upset because I couldn’t walk fast like normal.  haha, How sad is that, walking is so much a part of my life now that I dream about it…….. Then Wednesday, I hit my 9 month mark!!  How crazy is that, I swear it’s been a few weeks since I left Arizona!  Then Thursday was pretty awesome, we found a family of 6!!!!!  It makes me so mad that I probably won’t be here too much longer to help them out.  I really do think I’m getting the boot this transfer.  We will see what happens.  And finally, this weekend will be the baptism that we have been working toward for a long time.

Something that we do here a little differently than all the other missionaries, missions and areas is that we don’t knock doors here, or for South America, I guess we don’t clap random doors.  Since I’ve been here, we ask the members for referrals, it’s just so much better to work this way.  It’s really become a goal, I always know who I’m going to talk to when we go out for the day.  I remember in Washington we spent hours knocking on doors and nothing came of it.  Here we spend lots of time talking with these referrals from members and the majority are really nice people.  We have a recent convert that always tells us, ‘hey I’ve been working with one of my friends and now she wants to talk to you guys.’   hahahaahahahaha.  I love when people get to that point, they can rely on us to teach people really well.  I am going to miss these members once I leave, especially the one real convert that I have here.  The only one that is still active and looking forward to doing anything and everything to help us out.  Well I’m going to get going; we have a district activity that we are going to pretty soon.  I’m going to be sending some pictures since I haven’t done that in a long time.  So be on the lookout for them.  Love you guys.

To Grant:

Grant:  Did you get your birthday box?

Ryan:  Nope

Grant:  The status showed it was delivered on Monday March 17.  Hopefully your mission office will get it to you soon!  Call them about it.  Have you received the 2 letters with money in them from me?  One had a 20 and one had a 10.  I put a date on each of the letters. They were written and mailed the same day.

Ryan:  Yes, I got both the letters!  The box I still haven’t gotten but that is because I haven’t gone to the office since last Monday.  So I was there before it got picked up .  I’ll call and ask my inside man what’s going on..hahahaha.  I know the office Elders really well.  Oh, and get this, everyone that was in my group arriving here is going to Capital Wednesday but me and my companion are going alone Thursday.  They say, ‘because Elder Kelley will be fine, we already know that’.  hahaha.

Grant:  Are you going to the Capital to get your visa?  You have lots of experience with that area.  You went there with all your trips to the hospital and therapy right?  So, how is your Spanish going now?  How about the others from your group?   Are any others paired with non-English speaking companions?

Ryan:  Yep, this Thursday I will have a 90 day extension then they will mail my DNI to the office where I can pick it up maybe in April or May.  My Spanish has improved a ton, I have gotten to the point where I don’t really need to think about the sentences beforehand, I just blurt out what comes to mind.

Grant:  I am glad that it is coming along good for you.  It really makes the mission much easier when you get a grasp on the language.  I hope your DNI card arrives soon.  Can you tell me about where and when you tried to use your debit card so I can go to the bank today and find out any info.  I also have a telephone number in Argentina that the DSFCU said you can call and they will straighten out any problems.  Let me go get the number and I will email it to you.

Ryan:  Ok cool, I will try the card today, we have time.  I think it was just that I was trying to take money out of savings.  I can always get into my account, but never get money.  it’s been a while since I’ve tried it.  I finally found a scale the other day, guess how much I weigh and how much I’ve lost!  I weigh 225 pounds!  I’ve lost almost 70 pounds!!!  Well, I’ve lost 65!

Grant:  That is really amazing Ryan!!!

Grant:  Did you get the pictures that I sent to you last night?  Mom sent some also, I think of Boston, Clint and Litsy at the Dixie stampede?  I sent 4 total. One was Boston helping himself in the fridge, one was of Boston and Mom, one was Geena and Boston and Clint in the hot tub and one with Geena, Mom and Litsy with Santa. (There was a Santa Claus convention in Gatlinburg, how great is that??)   Happy Birthday a day early!

Ryan:  Thanks dad.  hahahahaha, I was laughing really hard about the fridge one.  Boston is such a funny little dude!  hahahaha  I saw a picture of him clapping at the Dixie stampede!  haha, so he really laughs at himself while he is walking around?  Hey when do Litsy and Boston fly in?

Grant:  later tonight they get here.

Ryan:  Oh cool.  Did you get the photos that I sent?

Grant:  Yes thank you.   You look great!  I am downloading them all to send to mom so she can add them to your blog

DSCN0690 (2) DSCN0672 (2) DSCN0667 (2) DSC098284 DSCN0644 (2)


DSC098284 (2)

Email from Ryan 3-17-2014

Hey everyone!!  This week has been pretty crazy and rough.  We had a lesson with our investigator that was going to be baptized Saturday, but she ended up needing more time to really understand the things we taught her.  So now she will be baptized the 29th.  I can’t tell you how sad that moment was, to tell someone that wasn’t too crazy about her baptism at first, then changed and felt that she couldn’t wait any longer, that she couldn’t be baptized because of something she did.  Wow, seriously that just killed me inside.  I decided from that point on, I won’t keep teaching until the person understands why, and how.

This week we got a call from our zone leaders that said we need to get ourselves to Catan to talk with the president.  Elder Lopez had a quick interview with him, and now he is reassigned to this mission.  2 hours from his house! hahaha, but he says he loves it here.  It’s probably lots more safe than Venezuela!

So, something crazy that happened in the mission this week, is that in my zone we have things called key indicators.  As missionaries, they are percentages on how our work is going.  As a zone we got 95 percent of all our indicators, it’s a mission record as a zone to do so well.  It’s amazing to see how well this mission is progressing!  Today we had to wake up at 4 in the morning to go to Ramos and start working on getting my DNI so that I can actually be here legally.  It was fun, I got to see Elder Cline again.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, almost a month and a half!  We got to go fill out a ton of papers and drive all around our mission.  Well, the city part that is close.  I’ve been thinking about a saying lately, I can’t remember how it is, but something like, another day, another something that I can’t remember.  But for me it’s, another day, another 5 pounds lost.  hahahahahha.   I still am losing weight like crazy, more now than before.  I remember before I left mom and dad were telling me eat less, and when I get home they’re going to be telling me, ‘Ryan you need to eat something.’  hahahahahahaha. I’ve just really learned how to turn my stomach off, just not hunger at all for long periods of time.  It’s been interesting getting to that point with my body but it works pretty well for us.  This week we got to do service at the bishops house!  He has this hedge that he wanted cut, so we went and helped him out.  Then he said that he wanted to cut a few branches off a tree and we told him we would help out.  We got there and these branches are gigantic!  I asked him, what’s your weapon of choice for this job and he gives me a machete!  I was thinking a little more like and axe or something.  Oh well.  An hour and a half later we were all done.  I love doing service on the mission, helping people have easier lives is the best!  Well I’m gonna get going, I love you guys.

To Grant:

Ryan:  Hey man, what’s up are you online?

Grant:  Yes I am! With Boston!

Ryan:  Cool!  How is everyone doing?

Grant:  We are all good.  We are driving out to go to lunch with Clint, Litsy and Boston

Ryan:  Where are you going for lunch?

Grant:  A place that has been on the travel channel as one of the best BBQ places in the country.  And it is seriously is in a double wide.

Clint:  Hey dude, it’s Clint. Hey man what’s up?!

Ryan:  Literally it’s in a doublewide? I miss the states sooo much, and the food.  Wow!!  Hey so something funny that you’re gonna laugh is that every time that people try and guess where I’m from, the say, Brasilero?  Nope! What?!  haha, I don’t understand how they always think that I’m Brazilian.

Clint:  Not much. Just chillin with dad.  You tell them you’re Brazilian? Ha ha. Do they believe you.

Ryan:  No, they think I’m Brazilian!  They ask me if I am, they think that’s where I’m from.

Clint:  Dad wants to know about your bank card. Is it working?

Ryan:  So far no.  But I need to try taking money out of checking, I just need to find out how to say checking in Spanish.  haha.

Clint:  Don’t you use an ATM?  You can’t select English at the ATM?  Dad said he put money in checking and savings.  When was last time you tried and what did you try to withdraw?  Dad says there is $100 in savings and more in checking. He says to just try and withdraw smallest amount first.

Ryan:  No, there isn’t a selection for English.  I tried taking 300 pesos out of saving but it didn’t work.  So, I just don’t know what to do.

Clint:  Call the financial secretary at the mission office and he should be able to help!!!!!!

Ryan:  I’m. patience! (Pearl)  hahaha

Clint:  Just take out the minimum at first.

Ryan:  Ok I’ll try.  I’ve got to go eat.  I love you guys, tell everyone I say hi!

Clint:  Love you too!  Bye